Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Hair

 Vanity.  It's all vanity.

But... one of my favorite little hobbies is mastering the big hair!  It comes with it's challenges.  My hair is thick and bottom heavy, so the weight of my hair often pulls down volume.  However, after seeing an IG review of hot curlers, I had to check it out for myself...  cue this product free big hair! 

It's insane how big these Jumbo Curlers made my hair.  Think 50's bouffant big.  

The whole process takes about 40 minutes - 10 minutes between putting the rollers in and out and leaving them in for about 30 minutes for the hair to heat and cool.  

Immediately after removing the curlers the hair may not feel as big as you'd hoped, but as you brush the curls out (whether with your hands or a brush) the lift takes flight.  

I've tried so many products to achieve that big hair, but this Amazon purchase is by far my favorite hair tool purchase.  For under $30, this is every big hair fan's must-buy!


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