Thursday, February 6, 2014


I'm a thrill seeker (for those of you who laugh- look it up- I may not jump out of planes or like dark places, but I am- check it).  I'm an Adventurer.  I like to go out in the unknown and discover new things.

Jon and I don't really like the idea of settling.  The thought of permanent freaks us out a little.  We've talked a couple of times about buying a house and thought- nah, not really our thing.  Ok- there's more to it than that, but lets just leave it there, shall we.


We've recently come to a stage in our lives where we have to make some pretty important decisions.  Decisions that will decide whether we settle for a while or start something new, and we've come to a crossroad: unsure where to go.  So we've taken a lot of time to really consider the options.

And for me, I realized that I'm afraid that anything having to do with settling means there isn't anything else better.  Like this is it.  I already know what to expect and can predict what my life will look like.  I'm afraid that settling means unsatisfying.  I'm afraid settling makes me a part of the norm -  and I've never really been part of the norm.

I look at some of my friends lives who are off doing things I had always dreamed of doing, and ask why can't I?  When can I be a part of something great like that?

I sat at my journal doodling away at a verse that stuck out that night:

Granted- there's is a deeper context to this verse- but still- I felt a sense of grace saying, "You've asked, and I've given.  I've delighted in you and I've given you beyond what you are choosing to see.  The desires of your heart are the desires of mine, you just need to see what I see."

I forgot that each day I get a chance again to breathe.  I wake up with another moment to take pleasure in what is in front of me.  Although it may seem predictable, its something new.  A fresh scent of second chances with the sweet savory taste of glory divine.  When I choose to see each day, each moment, and each choice as a way to rejoice in the One who has given me all that is good, whether simple or extraordinary, I begin to live a life full of thrills.

My days of packing up everything and traveling to unknown lands may not be for the here and now, but the adventure of what My King has given me to taste and see that He is good is one step heavenward.

So whether we home school or public school, sign Jon back up for classes or put in new applications, commit to projects or wait them out, each one has its own sense of adventure.  For the thrill is in the choice to make each one Eternity minded.  For our eyes are on heaven and the Glory of His Kingdom now.

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