The room illuminates to the glow of my phone as my 4:00 a.m. alarm goes off signaling the start of my morning routine.  Eventually, the six other feet in my home begin to shuffle as we do our dance around packing lunches, scrunching down breakfast, and loading up the cars to head to our daily destinations.  And so begins our days.

I started this journey blogging 7 years ago when we abruptly left our home in Texas, said goodbye to seven hearts and held tight to a newborn.  I was desperate for connection and the need to process flowed out on this page where I journaled life as a new mommy.  Since then this space has been transformed, sometimes being neglected as I struggled to find the right words to post.

As the author of this blog, I have found myself on a wild journey that has left moments where I've poured my heart out and moments of somber times where I've quickly pulled back the urge to vomit words onto the screen.

I'm a wife to one fine looking Airman and mama to two beautiful girls.  These three are my company.  My compadres in this life.  I'm a photographer by trade, but creator by heart.  The chance to make something of a moment is a thrill and when someone gets it right, the urge to kiss them on the cheek does not usually get contained.  I can't help but seek to capture emotion in a moment, and although you used to see me as mama paparazzi, I've learned to allow moments to just be treasured in the heart rather than a hard-drive.

And all of these are deeply rooted in my deep desire to pursue my Jesus.  The One who Saved me, Redeemed me, and allows the mess of me to make Him great.  I'm a servant in this broken world with the desire to forge through the thicket of despair until I have kneeled before the feet of the weary and burdened.  And as our little family is learning how to let go of the American Dream, we invite you on the journey of our hearts as we transform from consumers to givers, with our lives laid at the Foot of the Cross.