Sunday, January 29, 2017

Looking Fresh in 2017

Jacey Caldwell Photography

We've been in colorful Colorado now for about 7 months.  The first two months I went kicking and screaming but I've slowly found a groove settling into my new reality that actually has me really missing the Southern California sunny coastline.  

Many of our friends and family want to know what we've been up to since I slowly started going MIA when it came to social media.  I'd post here and there, but our lives got real busy that I hadn't been in contact with many of you, so I decided to change that up and transform this blog into our life ramblings, updates, and probably a lot more wardrobe posts than what most of ya'll will care to read about.


We're all happy and healthy.  Jon starts every day putting on the Uniform and wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would I (cue the heart eyes).  He's been bulking up on his free time and learning to adjust to coming home to an empty house since his wife and kiddos are still in transit from their own days.  The girls and I drive out towards my base, where I work as the Marketing Director for the Force Support Squadron.  I absolutely LOVE my job!  I also start back at school this February finishing my degree I dropped over 10 years ago.  The girls love their lives here, making friends, playing in the snow, and exploring all that Colorado has to offer.

I haven't picked up my camera in months, and after spending some time browsing through posts from years back, I realized just how valuable those images are.  Jon and I laughed hard at the old memories ignited by random pictures I posted and so its time I continue on the mamarrazi status.

But as I closed this first post of 2017, I leave you with these shots from Jacey Caldwell Photography who captured us beautifully on a freezing wet day.  We had to keep the newly ordered dresses hung in the closet and instead cling to sweaters and scarves for this one, but this. is. us.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I've Been Told I'm A MILSO

Acronyms.  They slay me.

I entered a land that speaks a foreign language.  One with so many freakin acronyms.  Thankfully my phone has that google speak where I quickly look up these letter bunches and I can act like I'm fluent in military terms, but sometimes I don't get the luxury of such searches and therefore I have to wing it.

I sat across a lady who asked me how well I was familiar with "MWR", so candidly I spoke of how I hadn't much experience with the program but was confident I could get to know how to use it (go ahead you veteran MILSO's- smack your head now.  Go ahead.)

For any of you reading this, like me, who have never heard of such a thing, MWR stands for Morale, Welfare and Recreation.  It's not an object, tool or program like I assumed.

She looked at me blankly then proceeded to the next question.  I was proud of my quick response, although I had no idea what she meant when she said MWR and carried on my conversation.  It wasn't until I was home that I googled and slid down into my chair in utter embarrassment.  What a NEWB!

In my new world I hear MPF, AFSC, MRE, DFAC, and the ever TOO often mutter of MILSO.  What the heck is a MILSO?  Apparently it stands for Military Significant Other.  My new label.   I like it a little better than "Civilian" which I am called in the most formal sense, but I'm not much of a fan.  However, it's my new reality now.  I'm a MILSO.  Branded.  Labled.

Yes.  I pick up ABUs scattered all around the house.

Yes.  I plan my calendars around TDY's and PCSing.

Yes.  I study, filter, and know my OPSEC.

I am a MILSO, or at least that is what I've been told.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Colorful Colorado

In case you missed anything on my social media pages, we moved to Colorado this summer, and it has been quite the transition!  I can't say that I have done it with grace and ease.  No, more like mental breakdowns, lots of crying and even a few fit rages in between.

Have you ever trolled through instagram or pinterest and wondered just how these gorgeous mama's set up their home so quickly and what appears to be peacefully in these moves?  If you haven't, WELL I HAVE.  First mistake.  But I'm going to hope and tell myself, that if I met them in person, maybe they'd tell me that behind the phone taking the picture of their organized neatly displayed move, is a messy bun with a face spotted with stress zits, and oversize clothes dressed for comfort.  Yes, that's what I am going to try to imagine because, that is me.  

Besides my temper tantrums and mommy time outs, we have had some gorgeous interactions.  We found a home, but in our current season, who knows how long this will last.  I started unpacking, repacking crap- err I mean, household goods that no longer flowed with the new home vibe, and staging and re-staging, then staging again all the rooms.  I'm just a hot mess I tell you!

We set up shop in the middle home, and just look at that view!  Our home faces the Mountains and it truly is breathtaking.  You might wonder how I can be such a hot mess with a home like that- because I wonder.  I guess I am just a hot mess.  So find comfort if you are too.  You aren't alone.  Let's work on that, shall we?

And in all my craziness, I found myself desperate for friendship.  I'm learning that I am a here and now kind of thinker.  It takes all strength to try to process things for the long run.  It's just not a natural trait.  And how I wish friendship was an easy bing bang boom- lifelong friends that will stop anything for each other when the going gets tough.  But I'm seeing that ain't the case.  Friendships are developed and invested in.  It takes risk, trial and error, investment (sometimes without return), trying new things, and ultimately trust in waiting (which I genuinely suck at).  Since being here, I've met some great kind ladies who I am praying turn into great friends, and I've had a decent share of ladies who wont even make eye contact with me (I once went to a meet and greet and not one person responded to my hello or even acknowledged I was there- TRUE STORY).  

So here I am.  Here we are.  New in Colorado and learning to adjust and trying to do it better than the day before.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zack & Emily // Part 1

I recently took a break from my photo disappearance to photograph my sweet friends, Zack and Emily.  You might remember their Engagement session, and their wedding was even more lovely than their engagement.  These two.  I guess there really are no words to describe just how amazing and perfect these two are.  Well, I guess I can think of one: Flawless. // I failed at missing a massive shout out to my friend, Britney Jay, of relevant+raw, for the last minute awesomeness of second shooting for me and capturing some of my favorite shots that are also featured here.