Saturday, January 18, 2020

Navigating the Digital Waters

Every year I find myself torn on how involved I want to be with the digital web.  For one thing, there is a pretty decent income when I do invest.  Those mommy blogger years when Joss was first born definitely helped bring in some cash.  

Now, with social media influencers, there is a whole new outlet for income.  But with sharing, comes the invitation into an area of one's life that I teeter with whether or not I want to share.  I struggle with feeling the need to justify, or the desire to just hide away.  

But I realized that I have allowed imaginary conversations full of assumptions of how people can or do think about me dictate the choices I had been making.  And I really don't want to live that way. 
So, I'm freeing myself to share when I want.  When I find a good find that I think you would enjoy, I'll share.  When I discover tips on navigating this military world, I'll share.  And I'll free myself from how people can view me. 
So thank you for sticking by my flaky digital presence.  You are my (digital) people.  

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