Monday, July 28, 2008

One Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today is the day that Jon and I celebrated exactly one year since we've been married. We didn't do anything too grand, but it will definitely be a celebration we will remember.

First of all, we had plans to spend this weekend in San Diego, so Jon took Friday-Monday off. However, plans changed when my grandparents needed a place to visit this weekend, and we figured that since they weren't able to be at our wedding due to extreme illness, it would be a true joy to entertain them in our home, so we did. They were the first to congratulate us on our anniversary with a card and small gift.

As for the actual celebration between just Jon and I, it started Sunday night as we went to Olive Garden (since that was what I was craving the absolute MOST) and spent a good evening remembering that week before we got married. The next morning (the actual day of our wedding aniv.) we went to Carmax to say goodbye to his truck, but 'hello' to some good money! It was an emotional day for him, but a good step in our marriage since Jon loved that truck almost as much as me :0)

On our way home from Carmax the most AMAZING thing happend: AND KIDS NEVER EVER TRY THIS EVER!!!!!! As we got on the freeway, I heard Jon get excited and his body tensed up. He rolled down the window and the most beautiful sound got louder and louder and a motorcycle went by leading the way for his buddy following behind on a wheelie. We both got excited and Jon made his way through the traffic (very safely) to catch up with the guys. They were creating their own freeway space by spreading out and slowing down so that the cars behind would go slow, then they would speed up and do their tricks. We took a few pictures and then eventually we got close enough to where on guy saw that I was taking pictures and told us to pull ahead, as we did he dropped back then sped up and did the most amazing WHEELIE I had ever seen. Here are some of the photos:

*Sadly some of the greatest pictures weren't captured due to a dead battery.

As for the rest of our day, we went and got our new vehicle's windows tinted then I went off to work for a few hours. When I came home there was a note on the door and I walked into a candlelit dinner with Needtobreathe's Signature of Divine playing in the background. It was an amazing anniversary weekend and I can't wait for our BIG trip coming up later this year. More to come on that one ;0)

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  1. You were gonna come down to San Diego??? If you guys ever want to come down, feel free to stay with Rachelle and I. We have a spare bedroom and it's own bathroom just sitting there. We probably wouldn't be good hosts because of work, but you could do what ou like in San Diego and then hang ot with us at night. :)