Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am laying in bed for the third day completely BORED out of my mind. Minutes after I posted my last blog I began to throw up the prescription pain meds which meant one thing... I was taking the pain HEAD ON! Oh man, worst pain I've ever felt in my life. My husband got home minutes after and did his best to comfort me as I was screaming in pain and puking everything that I had eaten that day.

He called my mom and she came running over and they drove me to the ER where I was to have an emergency DandC. The pain was so bad that I remember the front desk lady tearing up for me and holding my hand (probably cause she could sense I was about to pass out any second) and then making sure someone came and got me ASAP! Once we got in a room, I discovered that leaning on my side made the pain a little less painful but once the nurse came in and said it should be about another hour or so until they could take me to surgery I screamed for some pain meds. Next thing I know I'm being escorted to a bed in the hallway and juiced up. After that I was able to laugh and joke around. I've never had happy juice before.

Eventually I was placed into the surgery room with still no signs of anything coming from my body. JUST PAIN! After signing unending amounts of papers I was wheeled off into the surgery room saying goodbye to my hubbby. It was 9:15pm.

Next thing I know I'm being awakened by a nurse asking what color shirt my husband has on. Then I hear them say something about calling security. I was half asleep but the panic woke me to intense pain. They couldn't find Jon. What the hek? Where could the man have gone, his wife was in surgery, he wasn't going to leave. But apparently he did. He had dropped my mom off and exchanged cars. After I woke up I screamed in pain and the nurse knocked me out for another 30mins only to wake up to the comfort of Jon standing over me.

I was discharged at 11:00pm and told to stay in bed for the first two weeks and not return to weeks for 4. Apparently I have a lot of time on my hands.

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  1. I'm sorry you're bored. Can you go out or do you have to stay in bed/resting on the couch? I can always come and visit you after work. David works Mon-Thurs. night, so after I get done teaching I don't have anyone to hang out with. Let me know if you would like a visitor. =)