Friday, October 3, 2008

All things NEW

This seems to be the month of NEW things, which is always something I thrive off of. First and foremost, the newest thing is the fact that I've made a habit of getting up at 5:30am every morning when Jon leaves for work. This new and revitalized attempt has made me more efficient and much more aware of daily activities.

To start my day, I grab a cup of fresh coffee with a good blend of Hazelnut creamer, then I grab my down blanket and sit on my new chaise (I'll get to that in a second), turn on the TV and sit and watch a few episodes of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. It is the start to a perfect day. By the time I'm fully awake its around 7:00am and I'm ready to start working. I'll have the laundry done, bed made and dishes washed all by 8:30am. Its great!!!

OK, so now to that chaise. Jon and I recently purchased our first piece of furniture. We had PLENTY of new like furniture before, but everything in our home was hand-me-downs from friends and family (we have well to do friends and family :0). It's an exciting purchase for us, cause we worked for it. We love and appreciate everything we own, but this especially cause we bought it. It's a six piece sectional that can rearrange into any shape we want it to. I've dreamed of having a chaise, so currently I have it set up to where I have one. Some day I'll get a chaise all by itself and have it in a private room for myself, but until then, this will do greatly.

Here's a quick pic of the couch in the Living Spaces Show Room:

Last, but not least, we are headed for our first solo vacation. We don't count our honeymoon as a vacation since it was a lot of work and stress. We've also been traveling a little here and there with friends, but next Wednesday we're heading off on our first vacation alone. We planned an 8 day trip to Maine. AHHH, I'm so excited!!! We booked a few different Inns, two on the coast and one inland. I cant wait to blog all about it. SOON!

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  1. HOw fun.. maine!!!!!! I'm jealous! Oh, and funny thing about the couch.. thats the one I want! maybe one day we'll matching furniture.. if i can ever get john to loosen the purse strings. .ha!