Monday, December 15, 2008

It's almost Christmas!

I'm sitting here at my desk admiring my Christmas tree and reminiscing over the arguments that got this tree here. My toes are numb and my hands are like ice since our heater isn't working so hot (get it?) and our fire is slowly dying. Yes, i could indeed refill the firewood, but the pile is outside in the rain, so it looks like I'm going to have to freeze.

Christmas this year is going to be a lot different than Christmas last year. First of all, we're closer to both of our families, and after our miscarriage, spending time with each other as well as families has a whole new perspective. At first, Jon didn't want any tree or any decorations for that matter, but here we are, a beautifully decorated tree and Christmas decorations all around the house. I could easily give a little giggle and say that I got my way, but that wasn't exactly what happened. True, I did cry and argue my point till the end, but it wasn't because I got my way, but because we got OUR way.

Turns out all Jon wanted was him to be sufficiant for me, without the whole "look" of Christmas. What I wanted was me to be sufficiant for him, meaning he would want to create traditions with me even though we dont have kids yet. Through his blue glasses he was seeing that i was stuck in the idea of christmas, and through my pink glasses, i was seeing that i wasn't important enough to make traditions with. After lots of arguing and point telling, we finally saw what each other really wanted and we compromised. Jon for the first time, helped decorated the tree. I knew he wanted to do other things around the house, but he stopped all that he was doing and focused on making our home smell like a fresh Christmas tree. I compromised and helped search the town to find the cheapest Christmas tree in town. Part of my wish was to have a real tree (just once in my life on our own). So we found a smokin deal on a tree. He also helped put up lights around the house. So now, we have a beautiful home feeling much like the holdiays.

Now if I can only warm up!

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  1. Very cute..yes, I agree with you...start the traditions now before kids, so you already know how it goes, then when the kids get here, they just add to the fun. Lots of love!