Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

So it's that time to play catch-up on the mundane (but oh so important) details of our lives.  Aside from the two previous blogs which described two major recent events, I plan on updating as much as possible the lives of both Jon and I so far.

We are still residing in Yucaipa and are having an amazing time (even to my own surprise).  We have a quaint little home that is keeping us safe from the outside world.  It gives us plenty of space.  For the moment, we are loving it.     

  Jon is still at godwin Pumps of America (yes, the 'g' is supposed to be lowercase) and he's going on his 4th year there.  Even though this isn't his dream job, with this economy, having a steady job with multiple years is a plus.  He's still in search of his life's passion.  He is also working as head Youth Director at New Heights Church in Yucaipa.  This year, the group has multiplied greatly and he's having lots of fun.    

Jon is anxiously awaiting his chance of becoming a dad.  It's something he is looking forward to most in life, and I think he took it just as hard as I did when his first chance ended last August.  I know he will be an amazing doting dad, mostly because he's just like my dad.  Prime example, they are both obsessed with bleach.  Yes, that's exactly what I said.  Jon has started his collection of house hold cleaners and bleach to make sure that his home is spotless, JUST LIKE MY DAD.  Sometimes it drives me crazy, but it mostly makes me happy to see my husband follow in the footsteps of a man I respect so much.  :0)

Jon also is the first to make life so joyful for me.  Though we have our moments, Jon is an amazing husband.  He absolutely loves to take care of me.  I can admit that at times I am spoiled, but in a good way.  I get in trouble a lot and I don't always get my way, but Jon thrives off of seeing me happy and comfortable and I love and adore that about it.  He rarely ever complains and he just truly enjoys spending time with me, as I do with him.

As for me, well, I am still roaming around in life.  I am working at Gymkinz very part time (just about an hour a day) teaching classes.  I love the kids I work with and treat them as if they were my own.  My favorite class is the 3-5 year olds cause they make me SO happy!  Here are some prime examples of how they can turn a depressing day into laughter: (their names have been changed for privacy)  
     Jane: (Picks her nose and eats it)
     John: (Points at Jane and shouts) "Hey she picks her nose and eats it just like I do!"

     John: (Runs up to me and says) "Eyes gots two pairs of panties on!"
     Jhen: "John, you're not supposed to tell a girl about your panties!"

     Jane:  "I love you Mrs. Jhen!"

Not only am I working at Gymkinz, but I also work for New Heights Church as the Administrator.  I truly love that work and that's what lead me to start taking an online course in become an event/wedding coordinator.  I discovered that I love busy work and planning.  Apparently I am pretty good at it.  The pressure of it all excites me.  I thrive off of deadlines.  So I'll let you know when I become an official Coordinator and get my personal business up and running.  

Both Jon and I have been researching the option of buying a home but we are both uncertain what area we will be lead to make our permanent home.  So we decided to keep our options open and rely on God.  

As for a growing family... I know so many of you keep asking if we're trying yet and all I can say is that we've been trying for about four months.  After the miscarriage we did take a little time for ourselves and that was also what our Maine Trip was all about, but we both know in our hearts that we aren't going to put anything on hold.  So many people encouraged us to stay just the two of us for as long as we can, but we decided that we are no longer going to take matters into our own hands.  No more BC!  Children are a gift of God and when God wants to allow us to partake in that gift, then so be it.  As for now we just keep trying ;0)   

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