Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Friends and Family, this will be brief, but Jon and I are officially moving to Texarkana, AR. We're moving to a Ranch and taking care of children who's parents couldn't or wouldn't take care of them.

We have spent the previous month or so, applying, interviewing and preparing for this Job and on May 14, 2009 we will be making Watersprings Ranch our Home. Here's a pic of the "Ledwell Home" which is to become our home for the x amount of years:


  1. so awesome!!! I can't wait to visit.

  2. We have something like that in germany's called the S.O.S. childrenshome...but you have to be a single woman to raise children there.
    You can be so proud of yourself to do's such an amazing job.

  3. That is amazing!! I stayed in Texarkana in April on opur way to was my favorite town out of everywhere we visited ;)