Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Last Days

I'm trying hard to do what everyone suggests and enjoy the last days with a belly blessed with a baby inside. It is one of the most difficult things to do. ;0)

These past few days, I've had strong contractions, but nothing that has said "this is it." Josselyn is constantly moving around which make's sleeping quiet difficult. I enjoy (almost) every move she makes. Sometimes, they are quite painful!

I must update you all on a constant question we've been getting since recent news came up. A lot of you have been concerned about our health insurance (or lack there of). And we are grateful for the many concerns since we know you love and care about us.

I was reapplying for Pregnant Woman's Medicaid in hopes that they'd at least cover the delivery. Typically, Pregant Woman's Medicaid will only supply a limited # of funds (can be around $5,000) and the rest will have to be covered by the patient. When I did my research at the average cost of delivery at Christus St. Michael we were looking at $8,000 for normal delivery and $13,000 for C-Section. Christus St. Michael is a Charitable hospital and provides assistance to those without insurance.

Patient Family Income Level, based on Federal Poverty Guidelines
Patient Obligation (the percentage of the patient cost that the patient is expected to pay)
Discount (the amount of the patient cost that is discounted and not part of the patient's obligation)
Up to 200% of poverty level
No charge to patient (qualifies as charity care)
100% (the entire patient cost is waived)
201% to 300% of poverty level
Patient is expected to pay 50% of list price in most cases
50% discount off list price in most cases
301% to 400% of poverty level
Patient is expected to pay 70% of list price in most cases
30% discount off list price in most cases
Between 401% and above of poverty level
Patient is expected to pay 100% of uninsured discounted price
No additional discount off of uninsured discounted price

WE FALL UNDER THE 200% of POVERTY LEVEL!!! Therefore, I cancelled my application to medicaid in order to recieve the Charity Care. PRAISES!!!

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