Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Josselyn...

Actual picture of my journal to Josselyn

I began a journal specifically for my daughter, Josselyn.  Each entry is dedicated to expressing love.  

I first found the perfect journal at Marshals and I enjoyed the crisp white pages that have never been touched by a pen.  Although the ultimate purpose of this journal is for Joss, for the time being it is for me.  I get excited at the thought of communicating to a girl that I have yet to see.  Yes, Joss is with me now, but I'm excited for the girl she will grow into.  She has such a story, even before she was even born and I love writing that story to her.  

After my quiet time, I write to her the love I am learning about, the love I have for her, and the love she has yet to know.  When I was younger I was always grounded deep in love.  I always knew my family loved me, I was blessed to take hold to the love God has for me, and I never felt the need to find "love" elsewhere.  I was never perfect and yes, at times I immaturely thought the famous words most teenagers think; "You don't love me," but ultimately I knew in my heart I was loved.  

But my heart breaks for those never knowing love.  Those who never know a love from a mother or father.  Those who never know love from a caring friend.  Those who never know the LOVE that their Savior has for them.  And so I write to inspire Josselyn.  To encourage her in love.  

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  1. Your journal to your daughter is so inspirational. I love reading your posts. They inspire me! Thank you!