Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everything Weddings

So I'm on my way to finally finishing my certificate as a Bridal/Event Coordinator.  This isn't my ultimate dream, but I've enjoyed designing, decorating and organizing everything that is weddings and parties.  I've even dabbled in a few children's parties.

So I've decided to add in a New Topic to my blog, along with the many other random categories I have listed.  This will be Everything Weddings.  To first start off is an idea I had for my own wedding and loved it as did my guests.


I like cake, but I don't LOVE it.  So, for my summer July wedding, I decided to go with ICE CREAM.  In order to incorporate the idea into my decorations, I opted for creative centerpieces; Ice cream toppings.

I had three different styled glasses each at different heights and filled them with three different type ice cream toppings.  It made for a colorful and tasty center piece and my guests LOVED the idea.  I got the glasses at an insanely cheap price at, guess where, the Dollar store.

This made my day special and unique and helped keep our wedding decorations well under budget.  If you are interested in the idea, below are other image ideas of others who've used ice cream for their wedding.

Using an Ice Cream truck to serve your guests makes for a very personal and enteraining feel, and will make your guests tap into their inner child excitement like when the ice cream truck came riding down their street.

Individual ice cream cones pre-scooped give just the right amount. 

This was my inspiration for my wedding.  Although Coke Floats didn't make it to the actual wedding day, they sound pretty tasting to me now.  

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