Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Giggle Fests

Thursdays are my favorites when it comes to TV time and Thursdays are the days I laugh the most...

7:30- My ever eating, ever smiling, ever cuddling bundle of joy is down for the count
7:45- Sneak in some blogging time while the hubby is in the kitchen cleaning dishes
8:00pm- Community I love my weekly dose of Senior Chang and Abed.
8:30pm- Parks & Recreation I am pretty certain that they are making a television show about my home town.
9:00pm- The Office Need I say more?

I typically dvr The Marriage Ref because now that we're an old married couple, 9:30pm is pushing it.  Plus, in just a few ours my "ever eating" daughter will be awake asking for a bite to eat.

We just cannot get enough of Thursday nights, when we giggle so much our tummies hurt!


  1. i miss the office! we need to download the last several weeks episodes. i miss my office friends. :)

  2. Oh, last night's episode was the funniest. I laughed so hard and loud I woke up Joss and scared her. Hilarious!