Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can I Get a What What!?!?

Today is one of those days that I, as a Newbie Momma, feel VERY accomplished (and for me these days, a feeling like this is quite rare).

My morning started with a 7:10am wake up pat from my soon-to-be 7 month old who daddy put in the bed next to me before he headed off to work.  It was a nice sleep-in morning after many days of 6am wake ups with eyes burning tired and my mouth screaming for COFFEE.  Once I got up, I put Joss down to play in our small area of a room while I made the bed (something I rarely get motivated to do) and then I was able to sit down and catch up on some television shows I've been missing (anyone else a MIOBI fan?).

Joss' nap times have been a little off kilter recently (I'm blaming those terrible teeth trying to pop their pearly whites out) and so putting her down for a nap was quite a challenge, but in this fight against Sleep, I WON.  She managed a 2.5 hour nap which gave me plenty of time to catch up on editing for the past photo shoots that I've gotten backed up with.  Then, throw in a good LORD OF THE RINGS with the bro and sis in law in the living room with Joss crawling all over the place, and my day was almost complete!

To finish off the day, I made a couple days worth of baby food to store for Joss (gotta love the sweet smell of Pear scented poo).  Daddy got home just in time to read some bed time stories and a few cuddles and rock-a-bye babies, and Joss was off to sleepy land.  Which has led me to this moment of catching up on blog reads.  I feel quite accomplished today... Can I get a what what!



  1. Days like that are so lovely. Night time is my blog time as well.
    By the way those pictures of Joss are to die for! Very well done. :)
    I hope her tooth comes through soon. At least than you may have a couple weeks (or a couple days) until the next one decides to join it!

  2. I love days like this! I had one similar today! I was able to run some errands & everybody stayed happy & still slept well later! Yay!!