Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey Mr. Postman, Look and See If There's a Package in the Mail for Me!

I have been so excited for a particular package to arrive.  Actually, this might just be the most excited I have ever been for a package!!!  I order it online, since its too hot to lug the babe in and out of the car, and it should arrive sometime today.  What is it you ask that I am so excited to open; A Case of Baby Formula!

After Josselyn was put on Nutramigen from Enfamil because of a protein allergy found not only in my breast milk, but also in regular and soy formula, we had to really pinch our pockets to budget for this new expense.  These babies (sold in 12.6oz as well and the new 19.0oz) cost the cheapest at Walmart for $20.98 (trust me, we looked everywhere, but if you know of a cheaper and LEGIT place to purchase let me know) and she goes through a can every two days costing about $315.00 a month just in formula .  We had a family member donate two weeks worth of formula because her child no longer needed it, but that has come and gone.  

I discovered, however, that you can buy by the case online from most stores and that is what I did.  No more late night runs because we didn't pay attention to how much powder was left in the can.  I ordered a case of six cans costing us $125.00.  Although it is about the same price if we went to the store, the shipping was free so we at least save on gas (WAHOO).  

Oh the things I get excited about now that I'm a mommy... but onto new things.  Yesterday, my chunky monkey turned 7 months (and I'm going to cherish the month birthdays for as long as I can get away with it) and I snapped just the right picture.



  1. I love your new header!! Super cute!! I'll keep an eye out for that formula. =)

  2. This picture is so adorable!!
    That's awesome that you found a place with bulk formula! I'm still breastfeeding & one of my big reasons for breastfeeding (& cloth diapering for that matter) was money! I think formula is just fine for my daughter, but I knew with just one income, we wouldn't be able to pay for it very easily!! It's so expensive!! Especially for special kinds like yours! So I know how helpful that must be to find a place like that!

  3. Adorable photo!

    I know, once you are a Mommy, it sure doesn't take much to get ya excited! lol.

    It's a crime how much they charge for formula, but I wasn't able to nurse my youngest, so it was the only choice. (Well, I could pump a little, but it never was anywhere close to enough. My body just wasn't making milk by pumping, no matter what I tried!)

  4. Yes, I understand this. I wasn't able to breast feed and formula was a tidge expensive. The day that we had no more formula in this house was a day that our wallets sighed a huge sigh of relief.

    What a wonderful 7 month picture! Celebrate every month... Every year. Every second that you pookie takes your breath away.

  5. What a fantastic shot! and she is a cutie! Beautiful eyes!