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Monday's "Cuppa" Experience

I recently read of Adriel’s “Cuppa" Experience on her blog The Mommyhood Memos and had realized how badly I wished for a “Cuppa” Experience too.  Being a stay at home mom, packing up the baby and heading over to a friend’s house for a good cup of coffee and a well needed mommy-to-mommy chat is hard.  I admire all of you who can and do!!!!  For me, the chances aren’t so high, so until I get the opportunity, I’ve been enjoying this BLOG WORLD

For my first “Cuppa” Experience, I asked a friend of mine I reconnected with on Facebook to share her story!  I’ve admired her from afar via Facebook and all she has to share, and let me tell you, she’s passionate about sharing!  She started passing on her devotionals in emails to friends and family daily (which I enjoy receiving).  So pull up a chair, grab your favorite cuppa joe (mine’s Arabica Medium Roast with pretty much as much Hazelnut Creamer as Coffee), and meet Leah Evashuk!

Q.Please tell us a little about yourself:
A.My life is a beautiful mess. :) I am a stay at home mom of two boys, Seth who is 4 years and Logan who is 21 months and the third Samantha who is on the way very soon. I love life and everything it has to offer. My husband is my best friend and I thank the Lord daily for him. We are choosing to raise our family on a firm foundation with God being the center of EVERY aspect of our life. I could never have imagined God to bless us in the many ways he has and to His name be the glory! Our family enjoys being outdoors the most and we make an effort to spend every free moment in the beautiful nature that God has wonderfully created for us!

Q. In what ways has being a mommy changed your life:
 A. Being a mom has changed the way I look at life all together and how precious every second is, as well as the way I treat people and how easily we can hurt people. Being a mom has changed my outlook on how special everyone is in our lives and how relationships are so important. My kids have taught me gentleness, kindness, forgiveness and the meaning of unconditional love. But most of all being a mommy changed who I desire to be, I find so many correlations between mine and my children's relationship then I do between mine and God's relationship, and how we desire our children's love like God desires ours, and how He wants our obedience like we want our children's obedience. God has given me a HUGE responsibility to guide mine (yet truly His) children to Him, to make sure my children know, love and want to serve the Lord. I changed in huge ways so that they can see my path and follow me in their walk with God. 

Q. What inspired you to share your devotionals with your friends and family?
 A. It was a long process really. It was laid on my heart that I was being more stagnant than actually trying to bring people to God and His beautiful grace, which He calls us to do, I was just sitting back and hoping that I would be a good example without having to talk about Him. I wanted that to change, I knew that I had to open my heart to those people. I have wanted to share my devotionals for a while, but was always scared of the mockery would come with it, many of the friends and family that I have been sharing these with don't see God, don't feel God. It was a tough struggle, but I knew that God would protect me and I felt a tug that He wanted me to share His word. I went in with the intention of planting the seed of faith for those who are lost without it. I did receive many "Don't send me this anymore" emails (there were more choice words added, but you get the picture), and to be honest those who I set out to help initially are no longer on the list for the devotionals per their choice and I did receive a lot of mockery. But, I never expected to encourage those who took the time to read them in the way that it has, that has been so beautiful to watch. God’s Word is so powerful!

Q. What would be "your story" in this life?
 A. I cannot say what my story would be, but what I can say it what I could only hope my story would be, Proverbs 31 talks about The wife of Noble Character "She is worth far more than rubies, her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good not harm all her days of her life. She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands." 31:11-13 "She gets up while it is still dark, she provides food for her family." 31:15, "she sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. She sees her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night." 31:17-18, "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at all the days to come. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praises her." 31:25-28, "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised." 31:30. This what I could only dream my story would be. 

Q. How do you see God using your story?
 A. We raise our children for 18 years, guiding and teaching them, giving them tools to go out into the world to change things to make things better. We cannot do this effectively without God. God teaches us how to be the ultimate parent. By using Gods mighty word I guide my children in every aspect of their life, coaching them to be the children that I see growing up being might in the world so that they can go out and change things. I know that God has plans for my boys (and soon my girl) I can trust God to lead me and use my story to be an example to my children so they can reach out and make a change. To love unconditional, to have a servants heart, to reach out to people and help the weary, to give hope to others, to be a light for Jesus that never burns out. I can only hope that maybe along the way down the path of motherhood I can bring other moms closer to Him so that they too can build a foundation upon the rock that will be unshakable for their families. 

Q. What are your TOP FIVE ways to Live Large On A Small Budget:
1. Diapers: I use cloth diapers which after initially investing in the cloth diapers I saved on average 1,000.00 bucks a year (pending on the brand of diapers you use as well).

Groceries: I buy all my groceries fresh, I don't buy things in a box, everything is homemade, right down to my bread. This saves a lot when you buy the items it takes to make these things in bulk, that way you aren't buying bread weekly and such. I use a lot of natural cleaning products (like vinegar), cleaning product can make your bill go up fast, fast, fast!! I make all my baby food which saves on average around $1,000.00 annually, only if your child eats one jar at every meal, more if they are oinkers like mine :) . This cut my groceries per week from $250.00 to $75.00 - $95.00 TOPS, that is my high price weeks, for a family of 4.5. I also do price matching and couponing as well. Some stores offer triple coupon deals and I have had the store actually pay me on some items, who says I don't contribute financially to this family huh? It also helps supporting your local farmers, their produce is usually cheaper than in the stores and usually a lot healthier (Oh and tastier!) I save on average $8,200.00 annually by doing this "grocery" budget.

Family Entertainment: We search for free things to do, like hiking, natural springs, lakes, beach trips. Things that. Lots of picnics at the park!! This saves a ton! Entertainment for the family can be quiet expensive when your family begins growing and honestly children just LOVE being with their parents they never really care what they do!!

Just we may have it doesn't mean we spend it! This is a huge way we save too, we have a rule in our house that after tithing to our church, after bills and after the budget money have been set aside whatever "extra" money goes into savings, our money market accounts or a different expenditure accounts. This always allows us to "live large on a tight budget" when it gets tighter due to emergencies and such.

Cash in Pickle Jars: Our budget is usually taken out in cash weekly, we have separate pickle jars that have only cash in them, one for groceries, entertainment, gas for the week, and even an allowance set up for each of us which we can use for whatever. This doesn't allow you to go over budget with your credit cards or atm cards. The budget is firm with the cash in turn teaching us self control. If we go to the store and only have 100 in cash we don't spend any more than we originally budgeted for, this helps the kiddos understand limits as well. Every shopping trip is very educational lol!

I can't tell you an exact annual number of dollar savings that this all may save me a roundabout may be 10,000 to 12,000 a year. That's just a guesstimate for OUR family. I know that many of these things take lots of time and can be a hassle, but it has allowed me to contribute financially to my family while I fulfill my dream of raising my babies at home. 

I hope you enjoyed my first "Cuppa" Experience with you all and if you're interested in receiving Leah's daily email devotions, you can email Leah at

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  1. Wow - I love your "pickel jar" idea! Definately stealing that - TODAY! Hubby just got while he sleeps (just got home from doing graveyard) I am going to divvy up the cash. I am always looking for new ideas on how to live more frugal. This one is def being employed in our home as of 7/14/2010!! Thank you!