Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Made A Big Photography NO NO!

I made the biggest mistake which 'caused for one of my most embarrassing moments that haunted me all the way  into my dreams...

I forgot my camera battery at a photo shoot.  I'm the biggest NUBIE!  I know I'm a beginner.  I don't claim to be some fancy photographer.  This is a hobby that, although I list prices on my photography blog, I mostly do it for little to nothing {shh... don't tell my other clients that}.  I have so much to learn and I LOVE LEARNING!

But none-the-less, people have asked for photo shoots and I love doing them.  So my hubby packed up the babe to tag along (since I would have so many props to bring) and we drove the 25 minutes to a beautiful hillside park at 6:30pm to catch the sunset for a baby and mommy shoot.

So as little one was getting dressed to the nines, I set up my props and was about to take some practice shots to get the lighting just right, but my camera wouldn't turn on... What the hek?!?

Then it hit me like a bus in the movie "Meet Joe Black".  I forgot my battery!  I wanted to throw up, I felt so sick.  I looked over at my husband and my heart sank... what was I going to do?  He just knew when he saw my face and said, "You have to tell them."

Thank goodness, they were dear friends with gracious hearts!!!  They were so kind about it.  We rescheduled the shoot for later this week.

Lesson learned... Always have an extra battery {although I will probably NEVER forget my battery again}!    



  1. Ooooh know. That's always been one of my biggest fears! But it could happen to anyone, really. I've been so scatter brained lately I wouldn't be surprised if forgot my batter. In fact, at a shoot this last weekend, I forgot to bring an extra memory card. And since I shoot in RAW, that is a big deal. I pretty much ran out of space halfway through the shoot and I had to go back through the shots and start deleting to make more room. Then I had to shoot in JPEG from there on out. See, we all do stuff like that! :-)

  2. You live & learn I guess!!

    I wanted to reply here to make sure you saw it - all blogs automatically offer feeds - I can just copy your url into my Google Reader & it'll give me an automatic feed. You have to know how to make it partial or turn it off. I subscribe to your feed & it is a full one, so you're good!!

  3. I am LOVING your pics! Do you live in San Diego? My husband and I are in CO and are making that trip in a few weeks... Can't wait to take pics there! Can you tell me how you get such crisp shots? I feel like I only take crisp shots if my subject is SUPER still...and with 3 kids under 4, that doesn't always happen. Do you put your shutter speed on super high? do you shoot in app or shutter speed mode? hahaha, I don't know much about photography, but I love to learn too and I learn best by someone telling me and not by reading my manual :) hahahaha. Anyway, excellent pics you take!

  4. Oh my goodness! I would have been mortified as well! I am sure that at some point in my 'career' {lol} that I will run into something like that. But we are all human. :) Thank goodness they were considerate and understanding!

  5. nnnnoooooooo......

    that is what i'm most scared of!! i am going to buy an extra battery right now!!!

  6. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. Lesson learned. It's one of my biggest fears too, but I'd throw forgetting my SD card into the mix.

  7. Oh no! I am not a photographer, but this something I would do for sure. I think my brain has taken leave ever since I have been pregnant.

    I am sure your pictures were beautiful and made up for the missing battery!

  8. Oh no! What a nightmare! That happened once for me but I was out by myself luckily! I'm glad they were ok with it!

  9. So frustrating!! I have forgot my memory card before and I am always afraid I am going to forget my battery every time I take it out to charge it. I'm sure it will happen at some point because I am the most forgetful person ever!

  10. Oh no!! So sorry you had to go through that! Thankfully they were gracious!! I bet you will never forget your battery again!! Live and Learn :)!