Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making Life Grand

Beautiful Saturday morning plus a beach wedding shoot equals a family beach day [granted I still had to work].  She laughed, she screamed with delight, and anxiously awaited the cold water to rush back to her feet.  She loves the beach.  She loves it!  She had sand in her toesies and between her fingers and it was so fun to watch her bring her hand up, spread her fingers and examine this new texture.

Daddy spent most of the morning entertaining his little one while I worked my booty off capturing a wedding {which in turn, meant I would get the worst sun burn I had ever had in my lifetime}.

This weekend also kicked off time that we would get to pretend to be a family of three.  Our dearest friends offered their home to us for two and a half weeks while they are away on a vacation up north.  We didn't even think twice and jumped at the opportunity.

This house is a dream.  Personally, I think our dear friends need to open a B&B with a Tea Room.  They made sure to make us feel at home before we even arrived.

So today we relaxed, enjoyed family time playing outside, and enjoyed the first full day of being mommy, daddy, and baby girl.  I am excited for these next two weeks and look forward to taking in the two people who motivate me to be better, challenge me to do more, keep me grounded, and make my life grand.



  1. Gorgeous pictures! You really have a God-given talent for photography. That is so awesome.

  2. I love those beach photos!!! You have such a beautiful family.

  3. I love all you photographs :) I love stopping by your blog !!

  4. oh, i'm so happy for you! what an incredible blessing, and WOW, what amazing hospitality they have extended to you. i'm inspired!

    also, i LOVE that third photo of you and joss both looking out at the ocean GORGEOUS! yes, i yelled it! GORGEOUS! xx

  5. the photos are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! your little girl is soooo precious I hope that sunburn feels a little better =(

  6. So jealous that you can take her to the beach!! I can't wait to take my daughter the first time!! The pictures are beautiful!