Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{oiy, I need blogging help}

I really need a blog make-over.  SOMEONE HELP!  I've been recreating blogs for other people (although I'm still learning html, but I have so many questions (like how do you change fonts of blog titles and so forth beyond the fonts that blogspot offers?!?!).  Err... my creative juices are draining but I so want something fun where I can finally settle.

In other news, I've been extremely busy catching up on my photography work so I have had little time to blog, although I've been writing notes for future blog posts... really, I have!

But today, I feel like I've accomplished something I haven't done in a long time... I put on a dress and did my hair!  WAHOO!

Lindsey Cheney over at The Pleated Poppy, created a meme linking up "What I Wear Wednesdays" challenging women (most likely mommies) to get out of sweats and dress up.  I haven't participated yet, and this post isn't me participating, but I did feel pretty proud of myself for dressing up, since my usual is t-shirt and sweat pants.



  1. Cute dress! I wish I could help you with the html stuff- but my hubby does all my html and design stuff. I tell him the look I want and a hour later I come back and he has worked his magic. But I AM ashamed I can't do it on my own. Haha. He is slowly teaching me, but HTML might as well be a different language to me.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Kevin and amanda is what a lot of people use. She has way cute fonts and you can even send in your handwriting and she will make a font out of it.

    Just found your blog I am now following you I'm soo excited to read more.

  3. Hey Jhen! I forgot to get back to you about the fonts! What I did was go into my html and seach for "Arial" and put 'Century Gothic', in front of each Arial (or whatever the main font of your blog is listed as) and then save! Let me know if that doesn't work and I will help more!

  4. I found a tutorial on how to change blog title fonts and tried it..I couldn't get it to work, a lot of steps involved. I'd like to know an easy way as well. I think your blog looks great though!

  5. Look at you !!! As I'm sitting here in my sweats and ball cap after taking my son to school !!! You've motivated me to get up and get myself together for the day !!!
    Have a great Thursday !!

  6. And by the way I think your blog looks awesome :) I'm not sure if you've noticed but on my right sidebar I changed my font at the cutest blog on the blocks site- I have a link to it !!! Not sure if that will help !

  7. I was going to say Kevin and Amanda too for the font change. :) That's what I use and her tutorial is super easy! The pictures are beautiful!

  8. Ha, I thought you were naked in the first photos. ;)

    You look great! I'm sitting here typing this in my jammies.... :D I should think of cleaning up.

    And, thanks for the camera tip. And, I totally tried to figure out how to change the font on blog post titles. Could NOT figure it out. I'm pretty good with HTML too.

  9. I was also going to suggest Kevin and Amanda...but looks like Christy has some good ideas too. I'm off to check out that meme. I've gotten so slack in the clothing department!

  10. Oh YAY!!! I am super excited! I did it! Kevin and Amanda worked (although it took me forever) But WAHOO!!! Thank you all for the help!!!