Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ughh... Someone hand me a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer and a roll of cookie dough.  It's been a rough one.  Being newbies to this whole, parents of a baby gig, we panic at the slightest thing.  I know it comes with the newbie territory, but gosh, nothing makes a newbie feel more dumb than when you're called out on it.

Our darling, spunky, and down right cute daughter has been struggling with a diaper rash that even I have trouble not wanting to itch it.  She tosses and turns in her sleep constantly wanting to scratch it and drags her little body on the floor for relief.  So after we tried almost everything under the sun, we gave in and called the doctor.

Our ever so wonderful Kenyan doctor does not work weekends.  In fact, the clinic that we go to directs all panicking parents and ill ridden children to Extended Care.  Because we don't have medical insurance and our little one is covered under Medical, we take what we can get.  So we lugged ourselves the 30 minute drive to a low income family clinic and waited our turn.

After watching Family Game Night in the tiny lobby and seeing patient after patient go in and out of office, Yosselyn, as every single one of our nurses call her, was escorted by her daddy to the weighing station.  Joss wasn't having it, so the nurse gave up and guesstimated {seriously}.  We were situated in our room and waiting again for the doctor.

In walks an older gentleman who so proudly exclaims he's from India.  He takes a look at the rash, slumps into his chair and says "this must be your first child."  Uh, how can you tell?

I pretended it was no big deal and gave an annoying giggle then continued to ask questions as if I was so interested in what he was saying, but at this point all I could think about is how stupid I felt.  He said it was a basic diaper rash and most treatments take 5-7 days.  He suggests a homemade remedy, but hands us a prescription just in case to avoid us coming back.

Leaving the clinic, I did a little palm-to-the-forehead and slumped my shoulders down.  We were newbies and it was obvious.

So we're trying things out and hoping her little rash gets better.

To finish off our day, we went for a walk.

Mandy over at A Sorta Fairytale posted her trip to the park, and I had an itching to go too.  Seeing her little guy get on the swing was so exciting and I so badly wanted Joss to swing.  So we walked to our community park in our little housing track in hopes to take Joss swinging.  Well, our city budget cuts must have affected Parks and Recreation (LOVE THAT SHOW, btw) because our play area didn't have swings!

{She's a pointer.  She loves loves loves to point at anyone and anything she sees.}

So we did our usual walk around, picked up some trash with our "trash claw" and headed back home.

*Bummer.  Her rash isn't gone yet, but the remedy must have relieved the itching 'cause she's been passed out sleeping since 5pm.



  1. Oh man! Diaper rashes are the worst! Kingston has the worst one ever right now. ! haven't taken him in yet but it's pretty awful!! My grandma told me about a home remedy so now we put corn starch on his bum. It's helped a ton!! So maybe you could try that? Hope she feels better soon.

    To answer your question about when Kingston was born, itwas born December 18th. :)

  2. I'm so sorry you made the trip to the clinic and felt silly. But honestly, I probably would have done the same thing. We're all newbies once and we all worry so much about our little ones. It just shows what a great Mother you are, taking care of your girl like that! Hope the rash goes away soon!
    Oh, and that totally sucks that the park didn't have swings. You should just fly on out here and we can take the babe's swinging! :-) (in my dreams!)

  3. I went through that, too, with Robi once. I tried every kind of cream I could get my hands on - and nothing helped. After a week I turned to Google (you know- I have a Ph.d in googling) - and read that breastmilk works wonders. I figured, what the heck. It's free, available and can't hurt. Within 2 days it was gone. I chucked the creams and and just use breastmilk now.

    I don't know if you are still breastfeeding - but if you are, try it. It's amazing!

  4. how frustrating he made you feel stupid :( what creams did you try? we use bordeaux's buttpaste if p-ray has problems & it works wonders. but breastmilk sounds easy!

    btw, i LOVE parks & rec... i heard it wasn't coming back to tv until next year! sad!

    cute pics, btw. hope joss is feeling better soon.

  5. Aww, poor little thing! She might even have a yeast infection too with the way it sounds. Sometimes people put acidophilus probiotics on it, too (the body's natural bacteria). It can be taken orally or be put on the skin.

    Hope she gets better soon!

  6. Ah man.. I hate that feeling. I am totally in the "newb" department with pregnancy. I think the on call dr. thought I was crazy for calling him in the middle of the night haha. Oh well... It goes with the territory of mommahood I guess.

  7. Everyone starts out a newb. One little sneeze and my baby and I were at the doctor's office.

    Diaper rash is a doozie -- there was one sure-fire remedy that we used after our first really bad bout of it -- CHUBS BABY WIPES.

    Chubs with Aloe not only kept diaper rash out, it took off gum from clothes, peanut butter from gum, and motor oil off hands...

    Alas, Chubs is now off the market. Wonder why...

  8. We didn't battle any serious diaper rash, but the few times we did have it, plain ole Vaseline worked perfect. A goood, thick coating of it every diaper change for 2 or 3 days and it was gone. Hope you guys get it under control. And don't hang your head mama! We've all made those newbie mistakes. And I don't even consider trying to relieve your little girl of an awful itch as a mistake. :)

  9. don't ever feel is your kid and not theirs, and you just want the best! Diaper rashes are awful and kids who have sensitive skin get them I know this. I hope it goes away soon and you can breath again!

  10. It's so awful when Doctor's make you feel like crap. They need to teach Bedside Manners 101 in school. Love your posts. Just spent some time on your blog. New follower :) Love your pictures. You're very talented.


  11. hehe...didn't mean to say "new follower" meant to say, Glad I'm a follower :)