Sunday, October 17, 2010

She Makes It Go Pitter Patter

She has no idea that with every smile and smirk, my heart skips a beat.  She can enjoy her little tykes piano and hit each key oblivious to the adoration we send her way.  She is deeply loved and deeply appreciated.  She makes my heart go pitter patter.

She can take a moment of pure frustration between mommy and daddy and shake it and toss it like she does her stuffed animals.  She isn't content with just one kiss.  She has to have another, and another.

But when sickness takes over her little body and the innocence of her little life is paused for moments as she continues to hurl the entire contents of her precious stomach, no cuddling, kisses or constant singing of "Who loves Jossie" will ever be enough to take my worries away.  And that sickness continued on all day Friday...

And this week we've had our eyes opened to more mothers and fathers who's little one's life was slipped away too quickly.  I read over the weekend a post about Natalie Evelyn who's little life ended while in the arms of her mother.  I have only recently discovered Natalie's story, but I can say now, that I know Natalie...

But this weekend didn't only bring sorrow, heartache, and tummy aches.  No.  Our weekend brought giggles, and chit chats, and blog tip sharing, and a whole lot of hope.

And when chit chat begins... chit chat never ends.  A new dear friend, Jen, came over for a much needed play date and blog makeover.  And although our babes are about 8 months apart, the fun was still absorbed into each heart.  So with our cold cups of coffee sitting on the table barely touched, and our little ones constantly wanting the attention of everyone from the view of our laps, we continued to talk and talk, blog and blog, and coo to our little ones delight.  And we finished her blog five hours and two diaper blowups all over the house later.  You must check her out because she has something to say and photos to share!

But the weather this weekend brought us beyond our hazelnut scented room and outdoors to breathe in the new smell of fall.  We loaded up the camera and headed to the pumpkin patch that was overloaded with visitors from near and far, so after a few photos with silly faces we headed back home.

{She was afraid of being on the pumpkin}

And our weekend ended with more sickness.  This time our entire family struggling to hold anything down.  But, as we all lay in our beds, holding our tummies and moaning in the fetal curl, we still manage to catch a glimpse of joy and love in each others eyes... and that will always make my heart go pitter patter.



  1. Oh may that little sweetheart, Natalie, rest in peace. I can't even imagine what that Mother is going through. I do know that those little babies are angels watching over us all, now. Thanks for sharing that link.
    And I hope your family gets to feeling better soon! Great photos from this weekend my dear!

  2. She's adorable! I love the photos of her sitting on the pumpkin.

  3. I LOVE the pictures of all of you at the pumpkin farm :) They are fabulous !

  4. I hope everyone gets well soon - that's no fun. It does look like you had a fun weekend at the pumpkin patch though! Love the photos.

  5. Oh how yesterday was a joy. It was so much fun to blog-it-out with you- thank you for all of your help.. the outcome is loved! I poured my coffe this morning and remembered that I left my half full cup on your desk. I must admit- it's a bit of a pet-peeve of mine to not clean up after myself. I can't stop obsessing over it (haha!). So thank you for doing the dirty work & picking up after me.

    I hope Jon & Joss feel better!

  6. beautiful writing! hope you all get better soon.

  7. OK, you are a true pro! We went to the pumpkin patch too, and I got nothing! It was a super, bright sunny day...oh my goodness, I couldn't get a good shot of anyone. Your pictures are fantastic! And I see blue skies in your pics, right? I don't know how you did it...but you did it. GORGEOUS pictures! LOVE the first one with the sunflowers - wow!

  8. What an adorable baby!! You'll treasure those pictures forever.

  9. Your pictures are truly beautiful. I love the fall feel!

  10. She is just the cutest!! Hope you guys are feeling better soon. That pic of her on daddy's sholders. LOVE!!!