Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So I Sip and Savor

I have tasted grace and its delicious.  I can hold my cup close and savor the sweet smell and cherish every sip because I so need it.

Our mornings have been starting late as our evenings have been lasting longer.  I can breathe in my husband all day long because he is home.  Unemployment has never smelled so good.  I tend to slip out of the layers of blankets earlier than my loves in hopes to sneak in a little me time.  But this morning, as I quietly shifted my body out of the sheets, she awoke with a smile and wanted to play.  So I grabbed my beauty and we got down on the floor for a precious mommy and me moment.  I didn't need me this morning.  Nope.  This morning I needed her. I needed to see her absorb her little world around her.  I needed to see her constantly looking behind her to see if I was still there.  I needed to see her smirk in her little "silly face so I can capture the image forever in my mind.

This morning it was just me and her.

And our life has not been put on pause.  It isn't as terrible as I sometimes complain about.  No.  Our life is grand.

Collection agencies will just have to snuff their noses and take their intimidating tactics elsewhere, 'cause our little family will not be broken.  Instead of crumbling under the pressure, we raise our heads high and look towards that of purpose.  We are learning quickly what it means to enjoy the small things in life.  We are learning to savor the moments and let go of the bonds that hold us back.  We're not good at this by any means.  We are just taking a sip out of life and loving every bit of it.

And with each sip may come some bitter moments.  I have never had to track a bus route to get to the grocery store before, but it doesn't seem so hard.  I have never had to ration gas for emergency purposes.  I have never had to ask, "what will happen to us?"  Until now.

But I can rest in our health.  I can rest in the home we've been provided and the access to so many things so many go without.  I can rest in the love that surrounds me daily and the security in their devotion.

And with that, daddy gets to stay home.  Daddy gets to play instead of work.  And although that is tough for him at times, he's finding assurance in the love his daughter shows him.  No judgmental look or condescending comment can take away the daddy he's become, the husband he's been, and that Man he's striving to be.

And in learning these lessons of life, we take what we can get.  So the new found joy in re purposing our room to find a little space here and a little space there is like a breath of fresh air for our whithering space of freedom.  But even though our home might come in the form of a living room at the parent's house, we get to be thankful for all things fall...

...and all things family {especially when they arrive as guests we get to host}.

We are not masters of our destiny.  In fact our life greatly speaks truth that we don't really control our every situation.  But we are learning to master our attitudes and responses to what life seems to hand us.  We're learning that not every taste will be as sweet and after that one bitter sip a more delightful one will soon follow.   Yes, I have tasted Grace at its finest.  I have tasted LIFE beyond what this world demands of me.  I have tasted just the beginning of a life so scrumptious and I can't wait for what's to come.



  1. So beautiful! This post made my day! I love every part of it :)

  2. A BEAUTIFUL post :) You have a great outlook on things! We are a lot alike in this way !!
    Happy Wednesday :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your pitcher of grace so that the rest of us can savor it too.

    I love the words you've written, and your pictures speak volumes. My limited heart and mind are not enough to contain the emotion coming out of your words and pictures, so it overflows in the form of tears.

    Did anyone videotape the concert?

  4. I admire your Faith and your strength. My husband and I have been where you are...struggling, fighting, and doing whatever we could to hold on. And you are so, so, so right. God's grace & learning to embrace the small things in life. I've said it before, and I'll say it to you again-You and your husband are so STRONG and your daughter is so fortunate to have such amazing, faith embracing parents. Hang in there girl. Sending lots of hugs and prayers and love your way my friend. :-)

  5. your words are so beautiful! I admire you both!

  6. this is post is awesome and beautiful!BTW if you have time feel free to stop by my blog I am having some awesome giveaways going on!

  7. Beautifully written! You've reminded me to savor every sip of my life, despite the occasional bitterness because that bitterness is often followed by divine sweetness.

    Thank you for writing this Jhen, and thank you for sharing from your heart. Simply beautiful <3

  8. What a beautiful writer you are! You're such a strong lady. It takes a lot of faith to be able to face your struggles head on and be thankful for everything you have. I admire you so much. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all.
    I love those photos, your little girl is pure beauty. I think she gets it from her Mama :-)

  9. This is such a wonderful message. Enjoy these moments. Coming from a woman who's husband is always away... I think I'd rather be in your shoes.

  10. This is wonderful! Your outlook always inspires me, and when I'm complaining about something ridiculous, your posts have seriously come to mind. Gorgeous baby, adorable little hat, love the little earrings and legwarmers! *sigh*

  11. you're amazing jhen. there is always a silver lining, & waking up next to my husband every morning knowing he gets to play with us all day sounds pretty great. i love that you've found parts of your current situation to enjoy... i truly admire you!

  12. You really speak to me where I'm at too. Furlough that doesn't go according to plan is much like unemployment I see. I often forget to sip and savour. So thanks for that!