Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tea Party Thursday

Welcome to the first ever TEA PARTY!  I love all things Tea.  I collect Tea Pots for the sake of having one for any and every occasion, and because they are just plain pretty.

So, you saw my invitation and you want to come to my party... well I'd be honored.  So pull up a chair and stay awhile.  But you're probably wondering how we party.  Well, here's how:

1. Write a post about what Tea Flavor you'd be drinking and what kind of Tea Delights you'd be eating...
2. Let us know what kind of things you'd talk about.
3. Grab a Button and Link Up!  Be Sure to Have Fun.


It's cloudy out again, but I love it.  So, today I'd host the party wearing a grey dress with my favorite white cardigan that is starting to lose its buttons.  But its ok, because I love this cardigan so much.

If you came to my Tea Party, I would great you with a big hug, because I've been dying to meet you!  I follow your blogs and peek into your life as much as you let me and I love it.  So a big hug is well overdue.

I'd pour myself a glass of Earl Grey Tea, add a few sugars, and give it a whirl.  My delight of choice would be an English scone with Devonshire Cream and some chocolate covered strawberries.

I would tell you how yesterday I was terribly ill and begged my husband to call 9-1-1 because the pain I was in couldn't wait for a drive to the hospital, sitting in the waiting room, and get all the blood drawn.  No, the pain I was in needed immediate attention at any cost.  But my ever-so-down-to-earth husband would nag about how we don't have medical insurance and we couldn't afford the ambulance ride.  So, after scrupulous hours curled in fetal position unable to keep anything in my stomach down, I eventually found refuge in my mother's medicine cabinet and cranked down a hefty muscle relaxer and passed out.

I would tell you how my little girl is growing up before my eyes.  I would tear a little and dab my napkin under my eyeliner (yes, tea party means I put on make up for you).  I would gush about how she makes these silly faces at us expressing her current emotions.  I would tell you how she LOVES to cuddle on dad's chest in the middle of the night.  I would tell you how she manages to always wake up, look around, and smirk a smile when she sees us.  My nine month old will be turning 10 months soon... where has the time gone.

I would tell you how I can't believe we've managed to survive for almost 10 months living together in a makeshift home in my parent's living room.  It was perfect at first, then frustrating, and now I'm coming to peace with it again.  I'm seeing life with grateful eyes and learning to find Grace in every situation.  So it isn't so bad.

What would you tell me?  How has your week been?  What would you wear to my tea party?  What tea would you sip and what delight would you savor?  Link Up and Party along!

I have no idea why the Linky wont show... its there!


  1. Oh Jhen, what a great idea. Except, I don't drink Tea much at all! So unfortunately I wouldn't be able to contribute much about Tea! Ha ha.

  2. So sweet! Early Grey Vanilla is my all time favorite tea. Perfect for rainy grey days. Sounds fun! :)

  3. This is such a sweet idea!
    I don't really drink tea, but I would sip water in a tea cup with my pinky up!
    I would give you a big hug and tell you that you have a beautiful little girl.
    I would say I had a bad week last week but that this one was better because I was all dressed up and out to a tea party!

  4. How fun!! I'll definitely have to play along next week!! Can I drink coffee, instead? I'm not a big tea person. :-) But I'd love to sit and chat!!

  5. I think this is such a fun idea and I do plan to participate -- not organised enough this time around. We can have coffee instead of tea right? Cause as soon as this baby's born, I'm looking forward to caffeine without guilt again...until I discover it keeps my baby up all night.
    I do like tea though!

  6. Oh hello sweets... I wanna come to your party. I will have chai. :) I would love to sit and talk in person and hear your voice and watch your mannerisms. :) You can talk about Joss as much as you like.... and then of course we'll just talk about life and how blessed we are and how hard teething is and what cute shoes so-and-so is wearing... Whatever. Just fun. :) One day! And btw, I also LOVE your new header and signature and overall and look. Fabulous!! x

  7. Coffee is a big YES! I just want you all to come, sit, and chit chat!

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