Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crossing Over

I have two separate blogs.  A business blog and a personal blog.  But today, I want to cross over for a temporary time. 

I just blogged just yesterday about a session I was going to have, and this is a sneak peek at what I got.  If you want to see more, I would love for you to hop over to my business blog Jenny.Ann Photography.  

Yes, she's a beauty and I'm super lucky to have gotten the chance to work with her!  



  1. You already know I think these are fabulous! :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Wow, I wonder what it's like to take pics of someone that doesn't try and run away - LOL! I have no idea.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my pic. Crop out most of my face, and not too bad - ha! :-)

  3. such gorgeous gorgeous shots!! and i want her boots.
    (fyi, the second link in your post goes to your "hodge podge" post & not your photog site... which i tried to go to! sad face.)

  4. ok, first of all...your comment on my blog....SOO NICE!!! I can't believe you think my pics are good. Nothing compared to yours....especially that second one....AMAZING!!! Love the modern vintage feel. These are GREAT!!!! :)

  5. There is something about that second photo that just mesmerizes's like she's thinking something...but doesn't want to share what that is. You have SUCH an amazing eye for portraiture!

  6. oh my goodness! these pictures are amazing! you definitely have loads of talent. the light looks so soft and beautiful.