Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tea For Real


Its Thursday and I'm darn tired.  My hair is a mess and my eye liner is all drooping down my eyes.  And today is going to be a long day.  So good thing this Tea Party is virtual because I look TERRIBLE!

But I'm having Tea none-the-less.  So, sit and chat a while!

I'm so excited to tell you about my first dinner date with ladies, well, they're mom's from my mom's group.  It was hosted by my dear friend and mentor who's home we house-sitted for back in the summer.  We had the most amazing dinner and we sat and talked about things I mostly couldn't put my two sense in, but I had fun anyway.

I would also let you know that some of my posts have led some readers to think that we're mooching off government funding.  I would confirm that my family is not receiving unemployment.  We are not on any kind of food stamps or any aid other than MediCal for my daughter.  I understand our responsibility as a family and we're doing OUR best to keep ourselves from using Government money.

I would tell you how much I'm loving taking pictures for people, but that the more I dig into photography, the more I find myself tearing my own ability apart.  I would tell you how there are so many great photographers in my area and I feel terrible taking any kind of business away from them because they have a family, mortgage, and all the like to cover, and my services are WAY cheap.  I would tell you how I've been dreaming about turning my photography as a service to families in tough situations.  I would tell you how I've been contacting Pregnancy Centers to offer free services to the moms, families, and babies who come in for help and support.  

I would then tell you, how all of this, isn't even a glimpse of what I want to do with my life, but I'm loving it along the way.  I would tell you how my little family has been wrestling with the ideas of packing up and moving overseas to work in an orphanage.  I would tell you that it has been on our hearts deeply and we're praying for the right direction for what's next for our little family!

I would tell you how Michaela over at Michaela Noelle is hosting a series about Grace, and next week I get to be a Guest Poster (oh, I'm so excited!).  Her series has already started and a lot of great bloggers have written posts.  So I would tell you to visit that blog and discover a Grace in its beautiful forms.

I would then tell you how much I have fallen in love with so many of you!  I would tell you how amazing you, as readers and bloggers have been to me!  I would thank you all for your wonderful comments on my blog {and how I so wish that I could be saying this face to face}!  

I would thank you for coming and I would love for you to link up and drink up!



  1. I hate who some people turn blogging into something negative. Using judgements to hurt people who are blogging to merely get their thoughts out in the world. I love reading your blog and hope you never take anything negative to heart!!

  2. Jhen,
    Dont you dare let somenes dumb comments hurt you of effect you in any way. I love reading your blogs they/you are amazing. I would also hope you dont seriously think about not taking pictures, you have a wonderful eye and talent for doing it. Do you have any idea how much joy you have given to just my family with the shots you've taken for us. Can't even be counted my friend.
    I know your heart is for children so we will pray along side you for your next "step"from God to be shown.
    And Jon should be getting unemployment he worked for it and earned it.
    Love ya =)

  3. YAY for Thursday Tea! I've missed it. Thanks so much for hosting!

  4. Yay for a dinner with ladies. They are much needed. And... I have fallen in love with you too, missy! :-)

  5. I echo what Robbi wrote on many levels! You are an incredibly talented woman-with words and with photographs. I think it absolutely AMAZING that you are offering your skills to families in need. I love your blog, love your positivity, and I love the heart that our Father gave you!

  6. Don't let those negative comments drag you down. You have a beautiful spirit and you are full of grace. Never, EVER change that. Remember that you guys are constantly in my prayers and that I am praying whole-heartedly that God would show you whatever path it is that he has for you guys. If I were there, I'd give you a giant hug, tell you how awesome I think it is that you are wanting to volunteer your amazing talent for something like that...those women and families would be blessed to have you to work with...and think of what an AMAZING ministry you could build from that!! And I would tell you that I love you, as well my dear, dear far away friend!!

  7. You, my friend, are wonderful! I love your honesty and beauty in your writing. Thanks for the shout out. I simply can't wait for your post (: