Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In the next couple of days you will see odd changes to this blog.  And thanks to my lack of knowledge in HTML, some days it may look WAY OUT OF WACK!  So pardon the mess, but this place is about to get revamped!  

Oh... and side note; Jenny.Ann Photography is NO MORE!  It's Stark Love Photography now!  CHECK IT OUT!  



  1. super excited for the revamp!!! i bet it will be awesome!!!

    and i love your new stark love photography blog... adorable! :) :)

  2. looking forward to it! I love the new name for your photography!

  3. Oh, I am LOVING Stark Love Photography......soo cool!!! Can't wait to see your changes. Mine....are taking a LONG time. I spent 3 hours trying to clean up my blog yesterday. I added some flash, but that will soon go....argh, what to do...... :)