Thursday, March 17, 2011

BE: Amazing v.1

I couldn't have been more humbled that there are people in my own community in such a need that our culture is so quick to ignore, pass, judgement, and turn a "it's your own fault" eye.  But I discovered that among many who choose to live within themselves, are others who give beyond their means.  And these people inspire a change that I believe will ignite a generation of Hope and Love.

And it is my passion to see this blog transform into a space where I get to share my heart.  And this new page, BE:Amazing, is where my heart will reside and where I'm hoping, your's will too.

This is the story of normal people who do amazing things!

Abba's Pantry started back when a family discovered that children in their community of nice homes and fancy cars were going without food.

They fall short of perfect.  They haven't anything big or grand to make them more special than the next.  But this family, of a Husband and Wife and their kids and grandkids, chose to find as many possible outlets to feed the hungry in the community they live in.  And they do it, because they have a Love that they are desperate to share.

What started out small grew and grew as they now serve the community beyond what they can imagine.  From Thanksgiving baskets to daily grocery drops, this family has grown into a ministry of many volunteers and willing hearts to serve.  And with their Church behind them, they've been able to reach more and more families and more and more needs.

Jon and I got the chance to shadow them as they deliver food to two mobile home parks.  We first pulled into Fresh & Easy where they pick up donated food labeled "Waste", which in turn, is actually good food that is unsellable by law.  So what most, if not all, grocery stores throw away, Abba's Pantry (as well as many other organizations) picks up and distributes daily to families in need.

On these two particular days it was just Jennifer and her daughter Niki, and on the second day, Jennifer and her granddaughters passing out food.

And our hearts were humbled as we pulled into each park and saw the excitement on eager faces that didn't just look forward to food in their bags, but the hugs and intentional chats they would get from Jennifer and Niki and any other who volunteered that week.

This family and ministry offer more services of food drops, as well as fresh food basket deliveries, this event captured is their weekly delivery of food to families.

We are incredibly inspired by the hearts of the Underwood family and for the volunteers who have said "yes" to Love.

The ministry would like to thank:
Fresh & Easy
Calvary Chapel Wildwood



  1. Ah Jhen!!!! Your words have me crying, AGAIN!!! It is so amazing to see people giving their time to help others who are in need! I am so thankful for you and the section of your blog. It will inspire me to do a little more, give a little more, and be a little more present in my own community. I really look forward to more posts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow Jhen!! thats an amazing post. May God bless you and yours for the difference you're making and the LOVE you're giving. xo

  3. Have I told you lately that you yourself are pretty amazing? Well you are...

  4. Jhen,

    I really love this idea of highlighting amazing people in your community. This was a blessing and encouragement to read.

    I have thought, many times, that I need to learn more about what is going on in my community. I moved to Tampa 2 years ago and it has been a whirlwind of change. However, I am entering some form of normalcy, so it's time to check out needs and people assisting here.

    I hope you don't mind if I eventually take your idea and use it on my blog for my community.


  5. I love that you use your blog to minister and share things that are going on in your community! These pictures capture this SO well!

  6. love that you shared this! i absolutely this sort of thing....i always learn so much from these sort of outreaches (or whatever you want to call em) ;)

    the pictures are just lovely! keep shining a light for Him!

    (and i love that you live by goodness.)

  7. This is such an amazing story. And I love that you are bringing this aspect to your blog. I think that by seeing other people do amazing things in the name of Christ, it sparks something in us to get out and do the same.

  8. Oh wow! I love it!

  9. Jennifer UnderwoodMarch 19, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    Thank you Jhen for capuring what the ministry is all about -reaching out with prayer and service .We feel so blessed to do this and meet such beautiful people . The pictures are amazing .

  10. Love the story, and the way you captured it!! Wonderful photos my dear!

  11. Jhen, by you having such a heart to get these stories out, it shows how big you are in Him. I love that you are always uplifting that which glorifies our Lord. Way to go Sister!