Monday, March 14, 2011

Grace Is..

{written for a Guest Post at Michaela Noelle}
I honestly had a hard time finishing this statement.  I thought it would be easy... Grace is what I blog about on a weekly basis.  So I had to go back to my roots, back to who I am and what I'm living, and ignore a post I wish I could write to share with you.

For me Grace is forgiveness.  Grace is a second chance I've been given.  Grace is the smile on my daughter's face and the hope in my husband's eye.  Grace is the laughter I can hear and the joy in my heart after I caused one of my greatest heartbreaks. 

Grace is the Forgiveness of Christ in me and the Hope I have each day.  And Grace is each day I have to extend it to another...
Grace is...

Grace is an undeserved gift the world so needs to receive.
A kiss, a hug, a simple smile, for a Hope they can believe.

It's the gift of love from man to wife, even after such broken years,
A choice to choose to make it last through bitter hearts and tears.

It's for the mother holding him so tight as each treatment wears him thin,
His brittle body loses strength with each breath that he breathes in.

It's for the father working hard despite his lack of pay,
His feet are tired, hands are worn, and he's seemed to lost his way.

It's for the orphan children without a hand to hold
As they innocently sit and watch their tragedy unfold.

It's for the pregnant mother who chose to give her away,
And for the anxious couple as they await their adoption day.

It's for the old and young with hearts yearning for a love,
The Grace the brings Forgiveness from our God above.

[and for me, this is Grace I am gifted with each morning]



  1. i often pray for GOD to show me just how I can understand His Grace more. This morning as I was in Romans 11 I prayed the same thing and then lo and behold your blog was the FIRST I read :). I think the Lords timing is a part of HIS amazing Grace :).


  2. As usual, I am touched by this post. And by your blog! This is beautiful!

  3. So, so words for this one. Other than to say that I *needed* to read this.

  4. you are such a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul! I am so lucky to *know you ;)

  5. what a beautiful, beautiful post. i love the poem!
    couldn't have put grace into better words :)

    and your little girl, such a little beauty!

  6. So beautiful...the post and your daughter! :)