Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Little Knight in our Life

So... this has been me...
go. go. go. go.
 ...and I kind of like it.

Part of that "go" came the 1.5 hour drive to Palm Desert to meet a blogging family on vacation.  And what started out as just a photo shoot, ended with hours of chit chats and uplifting fellowship.  And we were proud to say that we had met the Knights.

Meet Megan, because if you haven't already YOU SHOULD, and her little family.  We were super excited to have gotten the chance to photograph them, but also, the chance to be inspired by them.  It isn't often you leave a night of 'hanging out' and feel a stronger passion dive deeper and deeper into Jesus.  Well, with this family, we did.

We are truly grateful for our time spent with the Knights and the Claytons (family that hosted the Knight's vacation and also welcomed us into their home).

You can find Megan's blog on Faith Blogs and on My BE:Inspired page!


We're back from Alabama with a story to share, so stay tuned to hear how God transformed the lives of one family after a terrible car accident that almost took the life of their eldest son.  (Guess what, this family met Ben and Katie while in the same rehab center).



  1. I look like that too! I feel like I am always going one hundred miles per hour. Beautiful family. You can see their spirits radiating in the picture :)

  2. busy here too but no awesome photos to prove it! it's always fun meeting bloggers in RL and creating a friendship that rules too. i love this community!

  3. How awesome, I love those moments when your spirit is so driven to learn and feel new things! it's amazing!

  4. love that you got to meet them! they are such blessings in our lives! beautiful pictures!

  5. I cannot wait to hear about Alabama!!!!!

  6. I follow Ben and Katie's blog. Truly an amazing story and seeing her faith and reliance in God is wonderful. I can't imagine how tough that all is.

    Love the picture. They look like such a cute family.

  7. Wow, that is so cool you got to meet them!! Beautiful Family! I am LOVING the first photo as well. Such an adorable capture of the both of you =) xoxo

  8. I am so glad that you met the Knights too! Getting ready to email you! And you look pretty darn good for being on the go! Have a wonderful evening! blessings..
    With love,

  9. That first photo is adorable - definitely a go go go!

    Btw, just did the round-up for the first issue of The Pajama Project! Hope you join this Monday!


  10. you take such beautiful pictures.. I love that blogging can bring such amazing fellowship when we unite with other believers! How blessed are we :). You look beautiful and so does your GORGEOUS daughter! the sun was so bright in your picture that day. I pray you had time to just relax for a few minutes.