Friday, May 20, 2011

Who, Me?!

Best way to get to know more about me is to look through some of the old pictures of me.  Each picture speaks volumes into who I was and who I am now.  These photos make me happy.  I hope they make you happy too.

I have a crooked smile- I hated it for a while, but now I embrace it!

My Dad

We were Brtiney Spearsing it

I am a beauty school drop out... can you tell?

Disneyland proposal!  

At one time in my life and probably never again

My first love

Coolest hair ever!

It was late.  Real late.

Yes, Enough Said.

We were the cool staff

I could bust a move even at a young age.

HAHAH!  Oh the horror!

BAM!  There's a glimpse into who I am.



  1. Those were so great. I loved your hat in the Disneyland proposal.
    You were such a cute kid. Thanks for the smiles :) have a great weekend...oh, I think your crooked smile is cute, glad you've embraced it. ;)

  2. Very neat to see your life in pictures!

  3. Oh I loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just as beautiful as ever! Your hair has changed many times kinda like mine;0. You pull of short hair so much better than I do though!!! Love the pics and the flash back!

  5. your such a beauty girl! Love the pictures. It is so crazy how decades show in pictures. The one with the short blondish hair completely reminds me of the late nineties early millenium. lol You looked adorable in all the pictures too!