Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Born to Mother

It's a natural attachment that I love to nurture.  She's fallen hard for their faces and expresses a love for them that I believe expresses the heart she was created to have.

She was born with the desire to mother.  

She cuddles them.  Pats their backs as she holds them close to her shoulder.  She knows them by name.
All photos posted were taken by Benham Photographers

I always said I wanted 12 kids.  And I still do.  But what I want has been broken down and restored to say "I want endless."  Not quite Duggar Style, but endless.  Biological.  Adopted.  Fostered.  Or just born in my heart.  Endless.

And that desire to love on children I see shine brighter in my little one.  And even though playing with dolls is a natural developmental stage for little girls, I see her embrace it as if they were real.  I see her concern when she is cold, because to her, they are cold too.  I see her face scrunch in a frown when she senses that they are hurting.  

She's expressing her love for them.  Each and every one.  

She is meant to love in ways far greater than I can comprehend.  She is meant to be someone special in the hearts of many.  And even if her name never gets famous or her face recognized from a crowd, I know that she was created for something great.  

__________OH, Wait__________
Oh, and friends, before I go, I'm over at Kel's blog, Then There Were 5, today!  She's asked me to write something that is incredibly personal and incredibly important and I'm humbled that she thought my response to her interest would be of worth!  So I would LOVE it if you checked her out, because even without me, she's SO WORTH IT!

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  1. That instinct is so natural - it's clear that she's watched you loving her and wants to pass that on. Can't wait to see what you wrote for Kel's blog. I know it'll be great!

  2. "she thought my response to her interest would be of worth"???? oh please!!!! your of worth whether you wrote something today or not. :) I do LOVE your post and it's amazing to see how the Love of Christ OOOZES from you and J is seeing that and expressing that love to her baby dolls. :) hahahaha, that is the cutest most revealing thing. Gods love is in your house and J gets to be touched by it and immersed in it. Great job to you and your hubs!!!

  3. Beautiful. I love your words! The photos are so sweet and fit perfectly -- the desire to nurture and love is one of the things I love about being a woman. (or at least a girl growing into a woman) While the Lord plants, we still have to nurture, and I pray that as I grow, the instinct will become stronger. Wonderful post! :)

  4. This is so darling. I was (per my mom) the opposite. I would tear the heads off the dolls and she wouldn't let me play with them anymore. haha Promise I'm a lot more gentle now.

    Her side profile picture looks so much like you! Or rather, I can see you so much in her side profile pic. (that explains it better)

  5. I remember feeling the same way about my dolls. I had a lot and I didn't want any of them to feel less important than others. I can't wait to mother, to love, and to pass on godly truths to another generation. Beautifully said!

  6. Awwww. I love these! She is soooo sweet.

  7. Beautiful!

    I've just bumped into your blog.

    I’m following (maybe we could follow each other?). Hope you find my blog interesting.. cause yours is great! And the design is supercute! I'm loving it.

    Thanks for sharing Skinned knees too.

    Many blessings!