Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Here to Eternity

One of my most favorite blog reads had one of her previous blog posts featured on FaithBlogs this week which had me reread the words that are so in tune with what my heart has been focusing on these past few days, which is why you have found this space different, yet again.

Because it is all about Eternity.  And it is about letting go of my self, my wants, my desires, so that Jesus, in all of it, may become greater!

You have read of changes to come.  You have seen this place grow.  You have heard whispers of what is in store.  But I will say it all now.

We're incredibly focused.  We're not exactly all sorted out, but we're focused.  And like what Rylie wrote, we want eternity written on our hearts, so we set our eyes on Him and go out to the world.  

In August, I'll be joining a few on a trip to countries to witness first had the work that is going on in the fight against Human Trafficking.  And it is a trip that has me fighting every single fear my mind can process.  But as I allow my mind to rest in eternity, nothing from here on can destroy my soul.  Yet as excited as I am for this opportunity, I know this will be the most heart changing experience I will have ever faced.

And we aren't about just the three of us anymore (not sure if we really ever were), but we're moving beyond that.  We have encountered others that have pushed our hearts to give bigger and love more, and we are excited to work alongside each of them as we aim to respond to His command to seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case for the widow. [Isaiah 1:17]

Benham Photographers
So we'll do it together.  United in the forefront, and trusting in each other's love, we cherish these times we have to laugh in safety and run in comfort, because the road ahead does not look pretty.  But thank you Jesus, that wherever He is, Beauty is all that follows.

And I have had time to find comfort in some of the darkness in my heart.  I've remained quiet as I listened to the Truth be told back into the wounds of my spirit.  And from that I feel all the more joyful in the adventures we are about to embark on.  Because in the end, and from here to eternity, it is all about less of me, so that He may become greater!  


  1. can't wait to hear more about the journey that GOD has you and your family embarking on! This is going to be a great time of digging deeper into HIS HEART and DESIRES for you girl. Be blessed in all you do and I shall pray for you and your family :)!!


  2. this is really great!! looking forward to hearing more :) dying to self and being raised with Christ is such an adventure, isn't it?x

  3. I just know that God has awesome adventures for your family. Your desire to serve, put him first and become less is truly beautiful and should be the heart of all believers! I pray that God continues to bless your family with safety and unity every step of the way!! love the new blog layout;0. I wish I knew how to design blogs!!

  4. Beautiful, Jhen -- I love this Because in the end, and from here to eternity, it is all about less of me, so that He may become greater! Your words are inspiring! And that's an absolutely beautiful photo of you three.

  5. Just wanting you to know the words the Holy Spirit has given you in the dark places of your heart minister to me, as well....

  6. Amen!! preach it girl. this resonates with the feeligns in my heart too... and im taking these lines and making it my own today "Because in the end, and from here to eternity, it is all about less of me, so that He may become greater!"

    thanks for sharing!

  7. oh I can feel the Spirit more in your words! and such beautiful, wonderous things are to come! Much love to you friend!

  8. It's a great reminder to focus on Him and not the things of this world, or the things that we fear and hold us back.
    How great is it that He's taking you all on this huge journey?! I pray for His guidance and strength in your whole family as you prepare for travels and safety throughout it all.