Monday, August 15, 2011

Making Home

If you've been following this blog for a while now, you probably know that after moving back to Cali from out of State, we've been living with my parents.  And we've been here FAR longer than I planned.  So when plan after plan of moving out went differently, we found ourselves still humbly (yet pleasantly) still in the spare rooms at my parents.

Recently, Jon and I have really felt the passion to go into photography and ministry FULL time.  Doors continue to open that lead us further and further into this passion that we're learning to patiently wait on the Lord and no longer on our own plans.  So although we continue to do our best and work our hardest, we're waiting for the green light to go FULL time and move into a home our little family can embrace.

[that would be Sweet Tea, not beer]

For now, we make these two guest bedrooms home.  So I've been utilizing those home decorating books I purchased YEARS ago back when we were in the house buying stage.  And in making it home, an overflow of support has filled in the empty pieces.  After donating a lot of our home items, we had very little to make a home.  Which was perfectly 'ok' by us.  Yet friends wanted to help us out.  So a few weeks ago I got a text from my dearest friend letting me know that she found a couch she was certain I would love... and its FREE.  So days later, Jon and I headed out to pick it up.  We eventually transformed one of those guest rooms into a living room... so here's our little abode.

While my spare time gets filled with going through wedding websites and magazines helping my sister plan her dream Australian wedding, I get further and further away from time here on this blog.  So you'll probably be seeing more random posts like these.  Fun, right?!

Oh, yes, who doesn't want to end a random post about our little bedroom turned living room with one of these photos?


Our Uprinting winner is....

Katie, you have an email coming your way!


  1. Love what you are doing here! I feel like my home is always in progress always changing and never the same. My husband and I are always trying to make what we have work. My favorite project we did was making all of our own art for the house. :)

  2. I love what you have done with your space. And I love the random post like this. Random is all I know :)

  3. I think it is so awesome that you have made your second room a living space so you guys can relax together somewhere other than the bedroom;0. That couch is perfect by the way! love the pictures too! Praying that God continues to open the doors to get you guys into the ministry he wants you in! You are being so patient!

  4. I will probably need to take notes of those books. I want to try to live simply and without clutter.

  5. I also can't wait for the day to move out of my moms condo. We can't really decorate since she is renting so it's kind of hard to call it home at the moment. That's great that you can decorate those 2 rooms how you want though. :)

    Oh Jazmyn

  6. What a cute, cozy space you have. I love your style, as always. :)

  7. What a wonderful couch you were able to get for free. It looks great! And I'm sure it's not easy having your family living w/your parents, but what a treat you're able to use 2 rooms to make it your own place. :)

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  8. Totally awesome couch.. and for free = score! So fun that you can make a little space "yours" :)

  9. I actually just said this on Jennifer's blog, regarding the guest post Bethany wrote for her: You do what you can with what you have. You've done that, and it looks beautiful! I think having limited means really stretches the part of our brains that exercise creatively. It's great to see what you've done with the space you've got!

  10. I love you little home! We're living with my parents for the next 6 months or so too which leads me to ask you...where is your sister getting married??? Please say Australia!!! I'll be here till January (or so) so if you're going to be 'down under' I would love to meet up!