Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Virtual Hang With Amber's Articles

Today, my friends, if you were with me, you would find me in my sweats probably crafting along with the little one, but in the virtual world, you will find me chit chatting it over at Amber's Articles!

She actually has an awesome line-up of other bloggers who shared a piece of their Faith Journey, which she's linked them all at the end of my post.  Definitely check them out!

So as those Little Einsteiners are singing their tunes in the background and my little one practices her 'no's' and 'nah-uhs' I'm off to chase her around.  


  1. I read your post at Amber's. It was very well done and very moving.

  2. Beautiful.
    I always love your posts.
    And though I must have said that many times before, I love this blog. I loved the new header as well!


  3. Thanks girl for chatting it up with.

    In the midst of a nap time break from chasing my little one around.

  4. I love your little ones big brown eyes. So mesmorizing! I loved your guest post by the way. I always love when you share your heart!

  5. Dang it, you did it again. Using your daughter to lure us away from the curiosity of your next business venture. AAAAAHHHHH...she is soo dang cute!!! :)