Thursday, October 13, 2011

Long Luscious Locks / Lifestyle

Photo by Jess Hekman Photography- text added by me

Well it is no more.  I now have LONG LUSCIOUS locks thanks to my new favorite hairdresser!  I thought my hair was dead beyond repair and that my only escape was to shave it off and start over.  But after arriving in the salon, my rescuer  gave it a good deep condition, treated my thick dead hair to some royalty treatment and snipped a little here and a lot there.  Giving me the bounce, body and life I LOVE!

Knowing full well I was so in love that I was destined to blog about it, I begged and waited for the hubs to take some pics.  But after two nights of him falling asleep while putting the little one down, I attempted to capture it myself...  epic fail.

Yes, pretty pictures of me, but not fully capturing the amazing hair do I just want to brag about.  Then, about 20 minutes into my self portrait attempts, he awoke for a bathroom break and I swooped for just a few pictures.  So now I can SHOW IT OFF!

It smells healthy (so the hubby pointed out), feels healthy, and bounces healthily!  I JUST LOVE IT!

Thank you Brittany for your amazing and mad skills at bringing my dead hair back to life!
Brittany is a salon hairdresser at Manhattan Full Service Salon


  1. It looks beautiful. However, you are such a beautiful woman that the hair just adds to it.

  2. It's gorgeous! I'm desperately trying to grow mine out but it never looks that "full" when it's that long. Mine is so thin.

  3. Your hair looks remarkable...but you're a gorgeous woman, so it doesn't even matter!

  4. agree with Ashley....super gorgeous!!! You belong in FRONT of the camera as well...all the time!!! Loving the new locks....super healthy!

  5. Wow, it looks sooo soft and full of body!! I seriously need an intervention with my hair..maybe I'll try some leave in conditioner:)

  6. It looks amazing!! I always love getting my hair done lol. Makes me feel pretty. :P

    Petit Monstree

  7. It look soooo good! So, everything you stated! Healthy looking and full of umph! Love it. There's nothing like bringing life back into your hair. I wish I could go to your hair stylist. ha!

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  8. Your hair looks amazing. I'm shocked that a deep condition can do all that! You better hang on to that hair dresser. : )

  9. Found you on blog lovin! Your family is beautiful! :)