Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifting Thursday / A Peak Inside Our Abode

Thrifting has become a major part of my free time.  Scouring the local shops for clothes for little Joss, items for Stark Love's Vintage Event Design, or our own little needs or wants, has become a hobby of mine.  Throw in pinterest ideas and this mama & entrepreneur is a busy one.

So every Thursday, I plan to share my finds, what I do with them, and tips or tricks for you to use when you thrift.   I wanted to start out with my recent finds that I decided to use around our little living space.  Reclaiming and recycling objects is one way we can save money, save the dump centers, and add just a little pretties into our lives.  

Milk Glass vases and jars I found for a few dollars and a picture frame I found for $1.  I replaced the picture with wrapping paper I loved, and turned it into a serving tray.
With a desperate need for cleaning, we got this chair for $15 and suitcase for $4- staple the under lining back into place and it's good as new
Cleaned with ammonia, a rag, and toothbrush, this chair is now happily serves our little girl, even though it was meant for me and daddy.
Using a cookie rack to separate the DVD player and the cable box allows the cable box to "breathe" and keep cool.  The dresser was donated to us that we sanded, painted and changed the handles.  
Pillow cases found at an Estate Sale, cleaned and ready to go (Jon isn't a fan of the feminine bedroom)
Sometimes, shopping at my mother-in-laws means I get finds like this amazing dresser

We're currently working on our entire collection of vintage items which we'll debut here on "Thrifting Thursday".  With this little peak inside our home, you can see how some items can be repurposed around the home.  Stay tuned next week for a glimpse inside Stark Love's Vintage Event Design's inventory.  


  1. love the chair and suitcase, jhen. great finds! where do you guys go thrifting? our favorite is the rose bowl flea market in pasadena. (i know that would be quite a drive for you guys.)

  2. LOVE! This is right up my alley :)

  3. love all of those finds - especially the pillowcases! {my husband doesn't like an overly feminine bedroom either, otherwise i am certain i would have pillowcases just like that!}

  4. I love that you are finding so many awesome treassures at the thrift store. I never thought I would enjoy thrifting as much as I do now. I guess it helps to have less $$ to realize how much I appreciate a steal! I love shopping for D at consignment shops and looking for photo props at garage sales etc. That chair is fantastic and the frame idea is beautiful!

  5. Oh, I LOVE the idea of turning an old picture frame into a serving tray! Great stuff.

  6. You found some great things, for sure. What a great find with that chair. Looks like you've cleaned it up nicely.

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  7. You always find the coolest stuff! love those vases!

  8. I love this idea for a serving tray - I'm 'pinning it' right now!

  9. Some of those vases look like Fenton glass. Gorgeous armchair :)