Sunday, March 11, 2012

Self Portrait Perfection // Coolest thing Ever

So, remember that design dilemma I had just a few days ago.  Well, I'm thinking that it might just be solved.

We have some amazing clients.  Well, more like friends.  And some talented ones at that too.  One of them is the beautiful Alicia, who opened up a little custom shop that I've enjoyed watching grow.  I recently saw her post some images of paintings she was selling.  So I wrote her asking if she was interested in creating a custom painting of Jon and I with our logo on wood.  SHE WAS TOTALLY DOWN and I couldn't have been more excited!

After having to reschedule their engagement session a couple of times, we were finally able to pin point a day (and that session will be blogged here shortly), and as excited I was about their engagement session, I was super excited because it was also going to be the day we would get to pick up our painting.  And when she handed us the painting I flipped (I even think my voice squealed a high pitch sound).

Anyway, enough writing, let's flaunt this bad boy!

And so sparks the inspiration for the rest of our office decorating.  I want this to be our focal point.  And the rest of the room will revolve around this image.  I JUST LOVE IT!

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  1. What a sweet painting. Love that you guys are standing behind it. She did such a good job.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes