Thursday, April 12, 2012

Few & Far Between

These moments are few and far between.  And when they happen, it seems like I have to work even harder to capture it.  She's a mover.  A Dancer.  A Singer.  And a Spunk.  She's full of personality, attitude and quiet moments are slowly fading.  But on cold days, far beyond our Southern California comfort zone, we bundle and cuddle with Yo Gabba Gabba.

I want to thank you for commenting on my previous post.  It's incredibly encouraging to know that I'm not the only one.  And even though deep down in my heart I know I'm not alone, its comforting to put specific hearts along a similar journey as mine.  

I've been in a slight slump when it comes to photo creativity, so I've been working on the basics and just photographing as much of Josselyn as I can.  She challenges my eye to see beyond the typical pinterest poses or the wedding blog craze.  She challenges me to see the here and now.  The simple moments.  One's the evoke emotion.  And I'm starting to feel that spark again.  

Part if it is from the fact that I don't shoot nearly as much as I ever did.  I miss it.  I crave it.  And I'm dying to create something.  


  1. such beautiful photos of her :)

  2. Ah, girl these are so beautiful! I love how relaxed she is. I think you captured her beautifully. I think its a great idea to go back to the basics and think beyond the typical poses. Best to you on that!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes