Sunday, August 26, 2012


There is a new love in my life.  And it is August!

I've yet to meet this little love of mine because he lives states away.  But he is my little nephew.  

I love this little boy dearly.  And would go into a brawl for him.  But I also love him and his family enough to also remain out of brawls for him.  I will defend him to my dying day and LOVE him till my dying day.  He is the cousin to my little girl and the son to my only brother, and the heart of my sweet sister in law.  

I decided instead of writing a post myself on him, I would direct you to my sister-in-laws post (can we just say from now on, my sister- because that is what we've become now).  She blogs.  And she photographs.  And she's amazing.  And now she raises a little beautiful life!

My favorite images of Auggie taken by Jensen via her site