Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dancing Along The Way

We've been marching to a rhythm for a little while now.  Putting our ducks back in a row and trying to make life "normal".  And we discovered... marching just isn't us.

We like to dance along our way.

No regimen.  No formality.  System just isn't our thing.  We'll abide by them.  Respect them.  Even admire it as it marches by.  But I think I have a secret desire to be a hippy.  A nomad.  A wanderer following the Spirit as it leads.

We've been focused on being community minded.    Which means diving HEAD first into the community and investing in one of our own.  It's been fun.  I've shed tears.  LOTS OF THEM.  And we've had people desire to walk along side us.  Its been magical really!  

Although we recently announced that we were starting to pursue foster/adoption, that process was put to a halt when our evaluation came back with a "not right now, we want to see more stability".  Makes perfect sense.  Granted I didn't respond that way when I first heard the news and attempted multiple blog posts ready to whine about the whole thing.  Thankfully I did not ever go through with hitting "publish".  

So here we are.  Working on our stability.  Making friends.  Adjusting our finances.  Learning to pursue what matters eternally.  And we're dancing along the way.

So while our "here" looks a lot like sifting through our belongings finding more to give away, messy beds because we keep finding times throughout our day to sneak naps in, a messy car because we spend most of our time in it, neighbors that help keep our sanity when sometimes too many twirls in life make us a little dizzy, and a new found community that is being our rock through some of our more painful times, our "eternity" is becoming more and more of an emergency for our hearts to thrive after.  

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