Friday, January 11, 2013

The January Cure 2013 // Apartment Therapy

Photo By Jen Hammer Photography

I'm a little behind on this project, but I'm jumping in and remaking this home of mine!

The January Cure via Apartment Therapy is going to be my way of getting organized and getting settled (since I'm always rethinking my furniture set up).

We live in a rental (our friends back house actually), and we've been given some freedom to make improvements on the property, since we moved in the same time they bought the entire property and this place needed so much.  We've been making improvements here and there but after 6 months here we're still living in a bunch of unfinished projects and unhappy furniture placement.

So I'm starting today.  And going to document it here.  This isn't a blog bandwagon.  Just wanted to document my progress on maturing in my decorating and making our home a place of purpose, organization, and effectively serving its place as being a home where love flourishes and community thrives.

So get ready... a transformation is in the works!


  1. Great..!Redecorating the home is always a hassle.I find it very confusing and just lay off the task for some other time,But my girlfriend has now given me an ultimatum that if i don't lend her a hand to redo our place she's gonna kick me out :P Although I doubt that's gonna happen but in my opinion redoing our home once or twice a year is actually quite a good idea.Takes your mind off stuff and its always exciting to live around in a newly created environment.

  2. I have some pending projects here at home as well! I have the rest of the year to do it but that was the very reason I told myself last year and I basically did nothing. So this year I am running a tight ship and will get these updates finished. Best of luck to finishing your home projects.

  3. Oooh...I can't wait to see what you do! I really like this idea from Apartment Therapy -- goodness knows my house needs help and I don't know where to start. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good luck decorating your new home. I personally love being creative and resourceful when decorating my townhomes for rent in Phoenix AZ so I don't necessarily have to buy new furniture or decors.