Friday, March 15, 2013

The BUMP Diaries // Week 9

Part of survival for me is knowing I am not going through these symptoms alone.  And well, that others are even having it harder than I am.  So I decided to share what I'm going through along the way as well as document this pregnancy since I didn't with Joss and I'm trying so hard to remember the details of each week with her.

You might have been curious about a baby bump photo... but alas, not happening this week.  This mama aint got the energy to dress herself up for any kind of photo!

STATS:  Week 9

Doctor Visit:  Still haven't had one yet.  It doesn't freak me out so much as I haven't had scary pains of concern or that with Joss we didn't get to see a doctor until 17 weeks.

Clothing:  I can't stand the feeling of clothes right now.  Anything too tight on my skin is driving me NUTS.  But I have been enjoying that a lot of my fitted shirts no longer need to hide the belly region since now I want to show it off!!!  And I'm in love with maxi dresses.  I might just live in them these next 7ish months I have left!

Sleep:  It's all I want to do this time around.  I don't remember being this sleeping with Josselyn, but this time, I take maybe 2+ naps a day and if it is a day Jon is home, I'll sleep ALL DAY.  I have started to notice that I'm starting to get uncomfortable in positions and that my arms and legs fall asleep easier while I sleep!  Making sleep rather uncomfortable.  But none-the-less, so far, I get LOTS of sleep!

Food Cravings: It's all so RANDOM!  But mainly I crave things with a KICK.  Whether spicy, sour, or tart like.  The main foods that have been a constant are avocados, bacon, & vinegar.  Oh and also, SUSHI.  I've been living for Sushi.  That's right!  I've been eating raw fish!  Particularly just salmon and have been avoiding those mercury filled fish!  And it has been wonderful to my tummy!  This week I've been able to introduce sweet foods little by little, since all the previous weeks I couldn't handle any kind of sweet.  I am able to eat whatever specific food comes to mind.  I haven't been able to force eat anything or else back up it comes!

Food Aversions:  Anything that I don't particularly want at the moment.  If it isn't the particular item I am craving, then forget it.  I'll end up just throwing it back up.  

Symptoms:  If it's listed I currently feel it.
Gas- steer clear of me ya'll.  I tried to really filter this post and still be honest, but I have had just a terrible feeling of being FULL OF AIR all the time and it DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!!!  I imagine relief at the thought of someone inflating me!  If only it were that easy!
Nausea- Yes. Yes. and more YES!  I live in a constant state of queasiness.  I gag at every smell and most thoughts of food I do not crave.  I've been lucky enough to avoid most throw ups this past week since I've only been eating what I want.  The first couple of weeks (starting at about 4 weeks preggo), I was throwing up all the time!  Mostly the sleep helps me avoid long days of nausea!
Cramps- I feel like I have growing pains in my legs often.  And I had my first leg cramp that I remember loathing while pregnant with Joss.  But I didn't get them till I was further along.  But just this past Monday I had my first good ol' fashion leg cramp in my calf! 
Emotions- I'm a constant wreck.  I bawl at the slightest of things that have anything to do with something between a parent and a kid.  Just gets me uncontrollably every time!  And I have found myself with an erratic sense of emotions, just luckily, still weak enough for me to control.  
Digestion- to save face here, lets just say that this hasn't been happening for me much at all.  Ok, the end.  

Mama Instinct:  I first thought this babes was a boy.  Then I started feeling like I was carrying TWO.  Now my mama instincts say girl.  At this point, I don't think my mama instincts are too good right now.  They might be a little distracted trying to focus on not puking.  

Family Impact: So far Jon and Joss have been great!  Both supportive.  Jon has been SUPER good to me this time around since the last time I made his life a little difficult.  Joss is starting to get a little bit of an understanding.  This past Sunday, she told her Sunday school teacher I was sick.  When they asked what kind of sick, she replied "me thinks its da baby in her tummy."  I LOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL!

Most Looking Forward to:  Going to the doctor to hear the heart beat and get a sense of the little one inside me!  My little belly dweller!


  1. First time commenter long time follower...I just couldn't help myself I am 10w along due 10/10 :) Congrats on your newest little one. When you said you were sick at 4w I too thought twins! 0_o twins are amazing though if that is the case. (I have twin sister and they were not all the horror stories people think twins are) so happy for your family.

  2. What a great way to document the little details along the way :) I am currently 17 weeks along, and this will also be my second. I bet Joss is going to be an amazing big sister. Soo excited for you and your family :)

  3. I love this! You better keep this up, cause this style has to be the best kind of bump update I've ever read!

    The gas! I always wonder just how gassy I'll get. ;) I'll never forget the movie w/the cheerleaders becoming bank robbers to get money for the one who's pregnant and she was always gassy. They were Betty's.. tell me you remember!

  4. So excited for you! I documented my pregnancy with my daughter but sadly I've moved blogs so many times since then that it's basically gone. Maybe with #2 it will be better haha. I also think I knew our daughter was a girl by 13 weeks. Like I was 200%+ positive about it and I'd flip out anytime someone told me otherwise (I was crazy hormonal pregnant girl haha) haha so maybe you'll get that gut feeling in a couple weeks. ;)

    I hope you feel better soon as far as the nausea goes. I never got morning sickness with my daughter so I can never really relate to moms who have gotten it.


  5. so exciting. And i love reading all of this. I really can't wait to enjoy this stuff. Well, its not enjoyable during. But to just be a mommy. But I can wait, cuz i know God wants to bless and use me and fulfill that HIS way. So in that regards YES i can wait..haha

    but i cant!



  6. Reading about your symptoms made me think "two" too! Time will tell :)