Monday, April 8, 2013

Just A Little Ditty

Just a quick little family update.  We're about all settled into my parents house (yes, we're back...again).  And the debt payoff has started and actually ALMOST DONE!  Wahoo!  Jossie has been enjoying having her Gigi and Nana and Papa around a lot more to play with and it has definitely helped with me being so sluggish these past weeks.

Jon's all settled into school, although still learning the routine of late night homework assignments and long papers.  Joss and I will be in bed by 7:30, he'll come home from school around 10:30pm and then be up late studying.  It's a new adjustment for the man who used to be FAST asleep by 9:00pm and up and about around 5:30am.  Oh the joys of growing up.

Much and not much has gone on in our lives.  Still more changes coming.  We're still working with the youth at our Church and loving and learning every minute of it.

Oh, and this one has started to take up guitar like her Uncle Jimmy.  Or something like that...


  1. She is so adorable and you can tell she is full of personality! :)
    Congrats on almost paying off your debt. Ugh I don't even want to begin to think about mine from school alone. Being an adult kind of sucks sometimes lol.


  2. Seriously, she could not be any cuter! She is perfection! I cant even get over it! Her hair, her swag! AHHH! I wish she and Alizah could be buds! And girl, the whole living with the parents thing... happening here right now... again. Very humbling.