Saturday, April 20, 2013

The BUMP Diaries // 15 Weeks

STATS:  Week 15

Doctor Visit:  On this past Tuesday, I went into the ER for extreme cramps and extreme nausea.  I was treated right away and actually had a pleasant experience.  Warm blankets.  Food.  And gentle nurses and doctors.  I was pretty dehydrated so it was a relief to get some medicine and some fluids!  After an ultrasound (which was the shift in how I viewed this pregnancy) I got to see the little one actively flipping, bending, twirling and dancing.  The ultrasound revealed that I had placenta previa and they put me on bed/pelvic rest until my upcoming appointment.  Friday morning, I went in for my first prenatal appointment and was able to hear the heart beat.   It was beautiful.  And my Midwife experienced the first fetal kick, which I felt too, when she pushed down hard with the doppler to find the little one.  It was magical!  I'm on 4 weeks of pelvic rest until further examination where I hope to have shifted and the placenta previa gone.  

Clothing:  I'm starting to feel "ok" in wearing some clothes.  Sort of.  My family is starting to at least get used to seeing me walk around in baggy tshirts and mini shorts/undies since the feeling of anything tight around my stomach drives me nuts!  

Sleep:  I moved into my little girls room so I can sleep peacefully since any movement while I slept caused me to want to vomit.  But I'm a scaredy cat, so I asked the hubs to move the mattress to our room on the floor.  And I sleep much better at night in my own bed surrounded by pillows and no shaking from him as he sleeps.  

Food Cravings: THAI FOOD!  YES PLEASE!  Coco Salmon and Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce.  YUM.  Yes please, and YES PLEASE!  Anyone up for a delivery tonight?!?!?!  No seriously! 

Food Aversions:  Fast food.  

Gas- OH yes!  So much of it.  Lots of burping.  Lots of air in me.  I try to avoid gassy foods.  But I constantly feel air move through me.  Blah!
Nausea- Gets worse with every week, but the past day or two, I am starting to feel a bit normal.  After the ER bought, I feel like things are starting to change with the nausea.  Just hoping it stays that way!
Cramps- FOR REALS.  Like mentioned before.  SEVERE these past few weeks.  SEVERE.  But apparently my little one is just stretching long causing my muscles to really ache as they stretch with him or her.    
Emotions- Unpleasant.  Probably how Jon would describe some days.  Then overly loving.  He laughs from my texts that I randomly send him committing my undying LOVE and admiration against the impatience with him I give him the day before.  I've also been extremely attached to Jossie and struggle with the fear of losing her.  When she's away I cry at the thought of her permanently being gone.  So I keep her with me ALL THE TIME (just kidding, but really).   
Digestion- So far.... all is well.  Knock on wood!

Mama Instinct:  Well, I was WRONG about the twins.  There is just one VERY active little one.  Still no gut feeling about boy or girl.  Hoping to find out this week.  Hoping!  

Family Impact: My sweet sweet girl is a great big sister.  She surprised us one day when she said goodbye to me.  She kissed me then tucked her head down to kiss the belly.  "By baby" she said.  I cried.  Of course.  She prays over the baby at night and now, before she goes to bed, she sings "Twinkle Twinkle" to my tummy so the baby can go to sleep and I can have a break from being sick.  What a sweet sweet girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Most Looking Forward to:  The ultrasound revealing the gender.  I'm so excited!  


  1. I love all of this. So much. Beautiful. I'm loving following your journey! You have what it takes!

  2. I hope this bed rest is able to calm your sickness as well!! I can't imagine being that sick and having to take care of Jossie.

    You're looking great (of course) and hopefully you'll be able to find out the gender!

  3. I love the detailed descriptions and the pictures! It will be very valuable to have later on, I think. Lovely!

  4. You look lovely! I'm sorry about the placenta previa. I hope it migrates upwards for you!

  5. Could you be any more beautiful? You are glowing! I hope the bed rest does the trick! Prayers for you and baby!

  6. Oh you look amazing! You have an early bump too, so cute! :) Thai food sounds so delicious right now and I really hope your morning sickness settles down soon!


  7. Oh, you are beautiful! I hope everything "shifts" and you feel normal again!

  8. Oh I love these updates!!! I hope the craping seises and you feel better soon! I just awwww over the entire post! hehe