Thursday, April 4, 2013

The BUMP Diaries // Week 12

STATS:  Week 12

Doctor Visit:  Still haven't had one yet.  It doesn't freak me out so much as I haven't had scary pains of concern or that with Joss we didn't get to see a doctor until 17 weeks.

Clothing:  Clothes are the bane of my existence!  I live in big baggy t-shirts that have vnecks or low collars because anything close to my neck makes me gag, like I'm being choked.  Can't stand clothes, but I have to wear them.  BLAH!

Sleep:  Oh how I love sleep.  In bed at 7:30pm each night.  When I am awake, I feel like I haven't slept in days.  I'm just constantly exhausted.  Constantly!

Food Cravings: My cravings have lessened a little for me these past weeks.  I still have food desires, but it isn't too strong.  Recently, I've been craving a lot of veggies, which I know is good.  My favorite right now being CELERY.  I could eat celery ALL day long.  Sometimes with cream cheese, but most of the time, just crisp and cold.  YUM!  Chinese food has been another fave these past few weeks.  And so far, although I still very much throw up, I can handle other foods.  

Food Aversions:  Italian.  Keep me far far far away from Italian!

Symptoms:  If it's listed I currently feel it.
Gas- Although I still feel so full of air, this hasn't been too intense for me.  Often though, I find myself needing to throw up, I'll run to the sink and a big massive burp will release and I'll feel better.  It's quite odd, but I'll take it!
Nausea- Still very nauseated.  This hasn't gone away.  In fact, I vomit more these past few weeks which I didn't know would happen.  I thought I couldn't get more sick... WRONG.  
Cramps- I start to get the feeling like I'm about to get a charlie horse in my calf, but with a little wiggle of the leg, it goes away.  I've also been getting abdomen cramps, but nothing I'm too worried about.  They usually co-align with my future need to use the restroom.  
Emotions- So far, this has been in check.  Sort of.  These past weeks, much has happened for our family, so I'm not sure how much change vs. preggoness is the cause.  Jon started school and is often gone most days for work then late night school.  And I've been abnormally been fearing him not loving me.  Irrational.  I know.  But I will often cry to him begging him to not cheat or leave.  He wont.  He hasn't.  And he's done nothing to even instigate these emotions... but maybe the new unattractiveness of my part bloat, part excess old weight, part baby bump body and my own insecurities as we shift into a new season for our family are what is to blame.  My irrational fears DRIVE HIM NUTS.  
Digestion- I had a week where all this seemed to go back to normal... then bam!  I'm in pain in a restroom and  I find myself giving birth to my digestive system 

Mama Instinct:  Oh, I have no idea and it drives me nuts.  I'm still trying to figure out if I have multiple little heart beats in there.  Part of me kind of wishes so.  And we playfully tried some of those old wives tales to see the gender of our babes... all tales point to a little boy.  We'll see.

Family Impact: Jossie's been pretty impacted with my lack of energy.  She so desperately wants to play, go outside, and venture off into imaginable territories.  It's hard.  She'll stand there by the sink and watch me throw up and then ask if the baby did it.  She'll offer me food and ask if this is the kind of food the baby will like.  She's already being so helpful.  She goes to bed with me at night since Jon is off at school, and she'll turn to me, grab my face, and say "Mommy, I miss you when you're gone because I love you so much."  She's tuning into her little heart and it makes me a very happy mama!  Jon's getting better at understanding a little more of the symptoms I'm going through and tries to help.  He's getting more and more gracious at treating me to little food like treats that he knows will help subside some of the symptoms.  All around, my two might be doing better than I am with this new belly dweller (or two).  



  1. Jhen! I loved every word of this! I am close to 12 weeks myself with our first and all your symptoms are mine too! hahaha The nausea is so not fun I completely feel for you it has to be even harder when you cant just collapse all day and have another wee one to look after. Were you nauseated with Jossie? I sure hope it passes quickly for you girl!!! Congratulations :)

  2. You look soooo beautiful!!! Hoping you feel better soon!

  3. You look so beautiful being pregnant!! Your daughter sounds so adorable and caring. I'm so happy for you!!!

  4. I remember feeling ALL of this! I love the candid words and how real you are. I loved the emotions piece. I was the same way with Peter so don't feel crazy. You will have good weeks and bad weeks! It was so hard those first few weeks! I would be watching Emma and turn a movie on for her and fall asleep and then go waitress at night and felt like the WORSE mom because I turned on a movie for her and slept rather then soaking her up. That only lasted those first 12-15 weeks and then I felt GREAT till 36 weeks... Then you are kinda a blimp. I would be going crazy not seeing a doc yet! You are much more patient then I am! Love this diary! Hang in there my friend! You're wonderful, beautiful, loving and compassionate mommy. This baby (or babies) is lucky to have you be their mommy :)

  5. Aww you have a little bump!! :D I find it very amazing and interesting seeing when moms get their little bump because it's so different for everyone. Well at least you not going to a doctor soon, maybe you can find out the sex first time (that's of course if you plan on finding out). I hope the 2nd trimester you get most of your energy back! Came back for me at around 13-14 weeks I believe. Then it hit like a truck again at 30 weeks haha.

    Gorgeous photos too! :)


  6. One thing is for sure, symptoms or not, you are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  7. You're pregnant again?! CONGRATULATIONS you gorgeous mama!!!

  8. You are the most beautiful preggo lady i have ever seen in my whole life! You two make beautiful babies and i am sooo excited how this little blessing will look. Wishing you some happy&healthy next months!