Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Joleen, Family, And A Little Ditty or Two

The sunshine drips its rays gently on my skin and I feel a warmth that seems to recharge my batteries. At 21 weeks along, my energy has felt so drained that the outside has done me some good.  Josselyn usually greets me with a bundle of kisses then begs to start her day with play time and laughter.  She doesn't hesitate to get going.  

The other day, I laid down to rest for a bit, feeling exhausted from the day's errands, I begged my sweet daughter to go play quietly in her room.  She grabbed my face that lay on the pillow and said, "Mommy, Joleen wants to cuddle with me."  

Weeks prior, we had spotted our little one showing us the gender in the ultra-sound.  A little girl.  So after a little battle, daddy and I settled on a name.  Joleen.  
 Now with our family of four feeling that much more complete, we've taken off.  Days are spent less on the computer and more in the sunshine learning to be with people.

For Memorial Day, we took a drive to pay tribute to those who served and are continuing to serve.  Riverside National Memorial Cemetery hosts a beautiful service each year.  We walked through the grave sites, reading names of those who have passed and clearing off sites that had been untouched for a while.

For Josselyn, death is a familiar grasp.  She was there in the room when her beloved great-grandpa died.  She watched as he took his last breath and teared as it all sank it.  So as we stood over the grave sites, she understood what it meant.

Our first river trip fueled our hearts back up as we were completely removed from all social media and just relaxed at the water's edge and soaked up each other's time.  Joleen made her presence known as her activity kicked into full gear  and her belly dwelling became the action site for twirls and kicks.

 The outdoors has become our haven.  Swim days.  Park plays.  A great rescue from weeks of bed rest and constant nausea.  It's been good to smell fresh air and hear the birds sing.
But home will always be our resting place.  Home will always be where are hearts are content and our love regains.   

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