Monday, October 7, 2013

Waiting on Joleen

This has been some challenging last days.  I'm excited for cuddles.  I'm excited to witness the sister bond.  I'm excited to see my Josselyn become the big sister she's been excited to be.

I'm ready for labor.

I'm excited for our family!  I'm excited for the times I'll catch Jon in the rocking chair with his new baby.  I'm excited to catch the moments where Josselyn is sneaking in some sister kisses.  I'm excited for all the new memories.

I'm ready.

We've settled into our new little place again and prepped all that's needed for our newest addition.  Each day, Josselyn pulls out all the toys for Joleen that was donated and organizes them in categories and then places them back inside her drawer.  For whatever reason, this satisfies her.

She's ready for Joleen.

Joss has stepped into a new role as big sister.  She's found a new love for washing dishes, taking showers by herself, and cooking at every meal!  She has become such a huge help and she does it all out of a love for it.  She's special.  And she's ready.

Jon has put up with little of my antics while also showing me so much grace when I don't deserve it.  He knows when to just hug me through my anxieties and when to push my buttons a little further.  He's never wavered from showing Joss, she's still is little girl, and he's learned when to take a rest with us and when to get to work.

So waiting on Joleen hasn't been all waiting.  It's been mostly learning.  Learning new things about each other.  Learning to adapt to new situations.  And learning that as long as we, as a little family, stick together... we can make it.

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