Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Parking Spot

Oh how I have so much to share, but right now, it's late, I'm giddy, and this moment I want to remember.  For all of my days.

This is us.  Sitting on the hood of our car in the parking spot we'd always park in back in high school over 12 years ago.

Friends of ours offered to take the girls so we could watch one of our youth girls sing in the High School Choir.  Walking on the school campus brought back a flood of memories of my skinny insecure days of chasing this guy around campus.

After the performance, we walked the campus sharing memories of where we'd sit in the lunch courtyard and the kind of thoughts we remembered having of the cute boy or girl that would walk by.  Then I grabbed his hand and all the teeny bopper crush feelings flooded me over and I wanted to go make out in the back seat of my car, but alas, with both of us being 50lbs heavier than we used to be back in the days of sneaky car make out sessions, simple pecks and car hood selfies sufficed.

But it was almost just as good.  Two kids later, 10 moves and 14years of calling each other "mine", really does get better with time.  And boy, does this guy age WELL!

I wish I could capture this moment and hold it deep within so that when the lonely nights of his BMT creep up on me, I can pull this out and remember all we had and all we still have yet to have.

He dated me the rest of this night; taking me to ice cream and talking deep theological talks.  He held my hand and turned down the music when I started to cry at the thought of him leaving.  He's really good to me.  He really, really is!

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